How to get a refund for trial credit report subscriptions

Last week I had to order my credit reports because I’m being sued by Midland Funding for an HSBC chargeoff and I was working on my counter claims.   I tried to get my free annual reports, but NONE of the credit bureaus would give them to me online.  I had answered all the security questions correctly, but most likely they are not providing the reports online because I have sued them in the past and that’s their way to retaliate.

So I ended up ordering the Experian $1 trial and the TrueCredit Trans Union trial.   You have only 7 days to cancel, I was busy writing court filings and when I remembered to cancel yesterday evening, it was too late to call and they don’t allow you to cancel online. Today the charges already showed on my credit card.

The numbers to CANCEL the subscriptions:

TrueCredit: 800-493-2392

Experian: 877-284-7942

When I called Experian today, they told me that according to the terms and conditions, the charges were not refundable.   I then called TrueCredit, again requested the refund and I told them that my annual report was declined and that’s why I signed up for the trial.  I requested to speak to a supervisor, mentioned an FTC complaint and promptly got the refund without having to speak to a supervisor.

Then I called Experian again, told them that I wanted to speak to a supervisor about their refusal to refund the charge and that I would complain to the FTC because they wouldn’t provide me with the free annual report online and I also got the refund without having to speak to a supervisor.

That was the quickest $35 I made in a long time.  FYI, I was serious about the FTC complaint too and I recorded the calls.

I always remind my clients to cancel those trial subscriptions, but nobody reminded me!

A lot more info is at TrueCredit reports and the Experian $1 trial.

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