Updated 3/13/12: myFICO discount coupon codes: 10 -30% off

UPDATE 3/13/12:  Try CPPSAVINGS or ANN2012FSTUEX20  for a 20% discount. The reports are now $19.95 and what a ripoff it is!  They still don’t even include the names of collectors so you can not dispute collections unless you get additional credit reports from the credit bureaus directly. You only need to review your myFICO credit […]

myFICO 20% discount for one year Equifax ScoreWatch (ends 4/30/10)

Another sale at myFICO, this time only for the Equifax ScoreWatch and apparently you have to subscribe for an entire year.  I recommend it only if you really have to care about your FICO score for the next year. I did NOT see the offer for the 30-day ScoreWatch trial with 2 Equifax myFICO reports […]

myFICO credit reports 30% off until 3/31/10

I am NOT advertising for myFICO. In fact, they terminated my affiliate account many years ago due to my factual reporting of buggy formulas and scores that simply don’t work as myFICO claims. MyFICO even ADDED entirely fictitious 120+ day LATE PAYMENTS to Equifax reports and it refused to fix their formulas — they’ll do […]