How to get a refund for trial credit report subscriptions

Last week I had to order my credit reports because I’m being sued by Midland Funding for an HSBC chargeoff and I was working on my counter claims.   I tried to get my free annual reports, but NONE of the credit bureaus would give them to me online.  I had answered all the security questions […]

Free online Experian reports after credit decline – adverse action – insurance rating

I recently switched my insurance provider and was notified that I did not receive the lowest rate due to my credit provided by Experian.  So I decided to get my FREE Experian credit report and after some research, found that I could order the credit report ONLINE. Almost everybody qualifies for free reports upon insurance […]

Credit Adapter (TrueCredit) tri-merged credit report scam and FAKE credit scores

A client needed a reporting summary and I recommended that he check the ads here and he picked Credit Adapter for the 7 day “FREE” $1 trial. The $30/month subscription is a giant RIP-OFF. I recommend this report ONLY for the $1 trial with the immediate cancellation. Who is Credit Adapter? The FAQ discloses that […]

Your FREE annual credit report

You probably know that you’re entitled to your FREE annual credit reports once a year.  You can order your Experian, Equifax and Trans Union reports online: IMPORTANT:  The time for credit bureaus to investigate DISPUTES is extended to 45 days. So if you’re facing a deadline and you need corrections quickly, do NOT order […]