How to get a refund for trial credit report subscriptions

Last week I had to order my credit reports because I’m being sued by Midland Funding for an HSBC chargeoff and I was working on my counter claims.   I tried to get my free annual reports, but NONE of the credit bureaus would give them to me online.  I had answered all the security questions […]

TrueCredit free trial for tri-merged reports

First of all, be aware that ALL tri-merged (3-in-1) reports are INCOMPLETE and may even include DIFFERENT data than the “real” credit reports lenders get. The FAKE TrueCredit credit scores mean nothing. Please read FICO Credit Scoring BASICS for more info. Since a client in the middle of a refinance wanted to see what the […]

Trans Union and TrueCredit refuse to provide credit report due to pending investigation

I recommended that a client order her free annual Trans Union credit report because we need information NOT on the myFICO report or on tri-mergeds.  Trans Union, as so often, declined to provide the free report online. Next, I recommended paying $10.50 for the Trans Union online report.  Again, she got declined. She called and […]