Trans Union and TrueCredit refuse to provide credit report due to pending investigation

I recommended that a client order her free annual Trans Union credit report because we need information NOT on the myFICO report or on tri-mergeds.  Trans Union, as so often, declined to provide the free report online. Next, I recommended paying $10.50 for the Trans Union online report.  Again, she got declined. She called and […]

The Lifelock scam class action

I wrote about the LifeLock scam two years ago: Experian v. LifeLock – why do people fall for ID theft insurance scams? Notably, GOLDMAN SACHS is supposed to have funded this fraud with $25 million.  LifeLock Class Action LifeLock Consumer Fraud | False Advertising Is Your Identity REALLY Protected ?? This site has been established to […]

Your FREE annual credit report

You probably know that you’re entitled to your FREE annual credit reports once a year.  You can order your Experian, Equifax and Trans Union reports online: IMPORTANT:  The time for credit bureaus to investigate DISPUTES is extended to 45 days. So if you’re facing a deadline and you need corrections quickly, do NOT order […]