Frontier AGAIN failed to honor the terms of the contract

My contract expired last August and I told them that it is UNACCEPTABLE to charge me $40/month for DSL with a maximum download speed of 1 mb — the fastest download we can get in this rural area.   I had seen ads for $15 and that’s apparently for the DSL Light plan with a 1 mb download speed — the same speed as the $40 plan.

Can you believe that they have the NERVE to charge people $40 for DSL with a MAXIMUM download speed of 1 MB?  I opted for the $15 plan.

We discussed my needs, Caller ID and VM with basic local telephone service.   They suggested that I go on the nationwide unlimited plan for $40/month as that was the same as my current plan + VM + Caller ID and with CREDITS my bill would be around $50.

It was close, my bill was $56.14 in September.


I worked myself up to calling them and I was told that somebody made a “mistake” and that my bill would be $70 and there was nothing I could do about it.

Additionally, they also told me that I couldn’t go back to my old calling plan as it was no longer available.  It came with a feature that made my calls to Kingman local and I didn’t have to dial the area code.  In Kingman are our closest supermarkets, courts, doctors, etc.  — just about everything.  It’s extremely annoying to have to dial the area code for all these calls.  I don’t even need unlimited long distance, paid only 2.5 cents/minute for the few occasions when I actually made long distance calls.

Nobody had EVER informed me that the local Kingman calls were part of my previous plan and I thought that they simply expanded our local area because Kingman is the closest town.   In fact, when I got on my previous calling plan I paid $6 extra to make the calls to Kingman local and nobody mentioned that I could stop paying for that because it was included in the plan — how much money did I waste on that?

All in all, the customer service people who signed me up didn’t even know the plan features and now for the 3rd time, got me on a plan that ended up costing me much more than they promised.

And when I called to complain, they told me to suck it up and they outright REFUSED to adjust the billing.

I’ve been so incredibly busy, I just could not get to this until today.  And now I am so angry I could spit nails and I’m considering filing a lawsuit.

After all, I’m certainly not the only person getting defrauded by Frontier AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and their billing practices should be  brought to the regulators’ attention too.

Recently Verizon bought out the local wireless carrier and they’ll upgrade our area to G4.  I expect that Frontier will have very few customers left once they lost their monopoly.  I still like a landline, but I’m really sick and tired of the constant Frontier billing fraud.    As a Frontier customer since 2000, I’ve had enough of the fraud!

So I’m sending the link to this post again to:

Denise Baumbach
President, West Region

Jack Yovanovich
Regional Director of Marketing

Stephanie Beasly
Manager Communications

I have no idea whether those emails still work as the page with the info is no longer working, but if I don’t get a satisfactory response I’ll file the lawsuit.

UPDATE:  The mail to was returned undeliverable and I also found a new page with contact info, but none of the people I emailed to are listed:

Hopefully I’ll get a response to today’s email.

Frontier Communications is issuing $120 credit and future discounts

Got a call from Frontier this morning in response to yesterday’s email.

They reviewed my account and found that their software inexplicably dropped the discounts I was supposed to be receiving and credits will be issued and I will receive the discounts in the future until my contract expires in 6/12.

I confirmed that you have to agree to receive statements electronically if you want to pay your Frontier bill online. While I rarely receive my bill on time to pay by the due date, it’s cheaper to pay the late fee than to pay $36/year to get paper statement.

I documented MAJOR problems with other phone companies.

I’ve had to SUE Pacific Bell and their collector American Agencies because they collected a PAYMENT that I had made. I even presented the canceled check numerous times to Pacific Bell and then to their collectors and nobody cared that it was deposited into the Pac Bell Bank of America account.

I also had to sue Verizon for assigning my account to collections after I terminated my cell phone service with them. They sent me a $90 refund check which I did NOT cash. I knew that it was sent in error. They acted as if I had deposited their refund check and they ignored that I still had their original refund check.

Incredibly, the FCC ruled FOR Verizon when it responded that I owed.

In America, the regulators are even more corrupt than the corporations. And it’s not just over a few dollars. Verizon seriously contributed to the death of a human being when it chose to report this totally BOGUS collection DESPITE my disputes on my relative’s credit.

An uncashed $90 Verizon refund check can lead to death.

Dorothea had signed for the account and while she had MS, she was still working hard to pay her credit cards. Then the banks started increasing her interest rates due to her credit (which was impeccable) and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Due to the Verizon discovery responses, I am convinced that they reported the collection on Dorothea’s credit report, causing her interest rates to double.  She worked even harder to protect her credit rating.  She died during the litigation. She had worked herself to death.

Obviously, I would have gladly paid the $90 if I had known that Verizon would report this bogus debt on Dorothea’s credit and AFTER the creditors raised the rates, it was too late. Verizon (as almost all creditors and collectors) does NOT delete reported collections after payment and the collection would have continued to seriously lower Dorothea’s FICO scores.

It’s often best to pay your bills TWICE.

Considering the tremendous time required to fight bogus charges and often having to file lawsuits, it really isn’t worth the aggravation.  If you can afford to pay the disputed amount, just pay it BEFORE it gets reported on your credit.

If you have the skills and energy, PUBLISH your dispute.

I’m sure glad I didn’t have to file another lawsuit and am rather busy.  However, I’ve been considering offering dispute services for disputes such as this Frontier billing issue and SOMETIMES companies will reimburse my fee.

A reader recently contacted me about forming a non profit for Liars & Cheats Exposed and it sure would be nice to be formally organized and to be able to assist members for a reduced rate and maybe free of charge in hardship cases.

I finally had enough of the Frontier billing fraud – my email to Frontier President Denise Baumbach

For MONTHS I’ve been meaning to call Frontier about the increase of my phone and DSL phone bill.    I only have one phone line with Caller ID, DSL and no long distance, TV and whatever stuff they always try to sell you.

Incredibly, my monthly bill for one phone line and DSL is once again up to almost $90.

In February, I almost canceled my phone line.  I was ready to go with satellite as I don’t have any internet alternatives such as cable.  We don’t even have postal mail service here and Frontier has NO competition at all.

Recently I’ve started to look into a cell phone again as I saw some cool looking hands free sets with speaker phone and maybe it’s finally time to drop the land line.  For $90/month I should be able to find an alternative with a good wireless plan.

However, I will NOT allow Frontier to defraud its customers with impunity.  

This weekend I’ll submit my complaint to the FCC and I really believe that a class action should be filed against Frontier.

At I found contact info:

West Region Contact Information

For inquiries specific to Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Denise Baumbach
President, West Region

Jack Yovanovich
Regional Director of Marketing

Stephanie Beasly
Manager Communications

So here is my email to all of them: Read more…