I finally had enough of the Frontier billing fraud – my email to Frontier President Denise Baumbach

For MONTHS I’ve been meaning to call Frontier about the increase of my phone and DSL phone bill.    I only have one phone line with Caller ID, DSL and no long distance, TV and whatever stuff they always try to sell you.

Incredibly, my monthly bill for one phone line and DSL is once again up to almost $90.

In February, I almost canceled my phone line.  I was ready to go with satellite as I don’t have any internet alternatives such as cable.  We don’t even have postal mail service here and Frontier has NO competition at all.

Recently I’ve started to look into a cell phone again as I saw some cool looking hands free sets with speaker phone and maybe it’s finally time to drop the land line.  For $90/month I should be able to find an alternative with a good wireless plan.

However, I will NOT allow Frontier to defraud its customers with impunity.  

This weekend I’ll submit my complaint to the FCC and I really believe that a class action should be filed against Frontier.

At http://www.frontier.com/customerservice/#West I found contact info:

West Region Contact Information

For inquiries specific to Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Denise Baumbach
President, West Region

Jack Yovanovich
Regional Director of Marketing

Stephanie Beasly
Manager Communications

So here is my email to all of them:

Dear Ms. Baumback, Mr. Yovanovich and Ms. Beasly:

Today I created my Frontier Billing Fraud blog at http://liarsandcheats.info/frontier-communications-billing-fraud/.

Just as in 2009, my bills have steadily increased DESPITE being on a contract. Earlier today I called Frontier to request that my billing be corrected as per the terms agreed upon in 2/10 and I spoke with Mark at ext. 7748.

Mark offered to transfer me to a supervisor. After a long hold, I spoke with Janice, (supervisor assistant????) who refused to provide her last name, extension or employee ID. She stated that she had reviewed my account and she refused to issue a credit for the fraudulent charges.

As a Frontier customer since 2000, I have REPEATEDLY been defrauded by Frontier and while I am EXTREMELY busy, I finally had enough of your FRAUD!

In February, I entered into a contract for monthly charges of about $55 before tax. In June, the charges increased to $65 and in July you increased the monthly charge to $75!

Apparently Frontier programmed its software to increase the billing by $10 and if the customer doesn’t notice or doesn’t have the time to call and deal with your LYING customer service representatives, obnoxious “supervisors” and long holds, Frontier adds another $10.

And that’s EXACTLY what happened to me in 2009!!!

I’ll be submitting my published complaint to the FCC this weekend. I presume that MANY Frontier customers are defrauded and a class action is probably the only way to get Frontier to reimburse its customers.

IMPORTANT: Janice claimed that I have been notified of an expired promotion to the email assigned by Frontier. However, I do NOT utilize ANY Frontier email. All emailed communications must be sent to christine@LiarsAndCheats.info.

I hope that you will explain to me IN WRITING why Frontier increases the bills for customers on a contract. According to Janice, this was NOT a billing error and she did NOT issue any credits.

Why have I NEVER received any written confirmation of the contracts?

Do we really need another law to require internet service providers to clearly disclose the TERMS of contracts, such as the dates and the amount of the charges?

Please advise if any of my published statements and conclusions are incorrect.


Christine Baker

c: posted at [this URL]

I will update with the response (if any) and I’m in the process of scanning the Frontier invoices since 12/09 so that you can see for yourself how they operate.

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