Frontier AGAIN failed to honor the terms of the contract

My contract expired last August and I told them that it is UNACCEPTABLE to charge me $40/month for DSL with a maximum download speed of 1 mb — the fastest download we can get in this rural area.   I had seen ads for $15 and that’s apparently for the DSL Light plan with a […]

Frontier Communications is issuing $120 credit and future discounts

Got a call from Frontier this morning in response to yesterday’s email. They reviewed my account and found that their software inexplicably dropped the discounts I was supposed to be receiving and credits will be issued and I will receive the discounts in the future until my contract expires in 6/12. I confirmed that you […]

I finally had enough of the Frontier billing fraud – my email to Frontier President Denise Baumbach

For MONTHS I’ve been meaning to call Frontier about the increase of my phone and DSL phone bill.    I only have one phone line with Caller ID, DSL and no long distance, TV and whatever stuff they always try to sell you. Incredibly, my monthly bill for one phone line and DSL is once again […]