IC System numbers: 410-968-7953 — 651-204-1374 — 800-561-5695 — 866-903-1001

These are numbers for IC System as per caller ID:


Please post any additional numbers for IC System

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  1. Carol Labs, 651-481-6333

  2. Mr. Kenneth Rapp – President/CEO krapp@icsystem.com
    Ms. Barbara Erickson – Chairman berickson@icsystem.com
    Mr. John Erickson, Jr. – Owner jerickson@icsystem.com
    Ms. Sue Johnson – Corporate Paralegal sjohnson@icsystem.com
    Mr. Kurt Heinbigner – CFO kheinbigner@icsystem.com
    Mr. David Spencer – Director of Operations dspencer@icsystem.com

    anyone surprised that the CEO’s name is krapp?

    Kerry Henderson khenderson@icsystem.com

    Charles Halfen chalfen@icsystem.com

    Don Turner dturner@icsystem.com

  3. These guys are genuine AH’s. Thanks for the contact info!

  4. I am a programmer who happens to be hassled by these morons. I am glad to find all of these email addresses… as I can easily program a software that hammers on THESE the way they hammer on US.

    Wanna shut down their email addresses ?

  5. I’m assuming by “hassling” you mean that they are calling you.

    Do you know that you have the LEGAL RIGHT to stop those calls?

    There are two applicable provisions in the FDCPA.

    I don’t want them suing you for harassment and as you know, it’s really easy for them to change email addresses.

    Sending the request to STOP calling by email is much faster and cheaper than sending snail mail with delivery confirmation.

    The letter just needs to contain your contact info, their account # if you have it and it could include the phone number you don’t want called. It depends on whether it is a work number or cell phone number or whether you don’t want any calls including at home.

    I should post a couple sample letters at http://newdebtcollectionlaw.info/, I’ll try to make some time.

  6. Just had a strange encounter with these folks. I, too, get hang up calls from them. When I called back, I told the gal who answered for IC Systems that I get calls on my switchboard all day long from her company. I told her that if she could tell me, from my company’s phone #, who they were trying to reach, I would give her that person’s direct line. Sure enough, she typed in my company’s main # and gave me the name of one of our employees. I then gave her one of our very seldom used fax #s instead of his direct line and she confirmed she changed it in the system. She never took my name and I don’t know if changing the # erased the original # they had, but I think this might slow them down for awhile, if not stop them completely. I’m very surprised how smoothly it went, but, then again, she was under the impression that she was getting info to help her collect money, so she fell for it hook, line and sinker!

  7. I received a call from the 651 204 1374 number this morning. It was the typical dead air response. I would like to know who these people are calling for, because we don’t owe anyone any money. I don’t know why they are calling my number.

    I read on-line that one of the numbers that is listed charges you for the call back, $54.00. Another person said they were told that their wife had signed up for an on-line course and owed money. These people seem to be scam artists, using multiple ploys. I have to wonder if it is a prison business.

  8. I faxed and mailed a letter yesterday informing them of my bankruptcy and automatic stay, along with all the violations they committed under the “Fair Debt” and North Carolina Collection Agency Laws. After receiving three additional calls, I filed a complaint with the NC Attorney General and the FTC. I went to fax them another letter (to the same number where the fax went yesterday (800)328-9595) and no answer today. I found the corporate fax number and wanted it to share it with EVERYBODY who has a complaint against these clowns. (651)481-6556 – my fax went through to this number like a champ. CLOG THEIR MACHINE!!!!

  9. Don’t let them bully you into paying them money. Those tactics shouldn’t be awarded. This company is full of grade A Assholes.

  10. I get calls from this number daily, and they always hang up. But if my voicemail gets it, they leave a stupid message about everyone being busy. I’ve tried to trick them into thinking I am my voicemail when I answer it but it hasn’t worked yet.

  11. If you would just pay your bills before they go to collections then why are you complaining that you are in collections you deserve to get collection calls. Just a word of advise, pay your bills and you wouldn’t have this problem!!

  12. CJ, thanks for confirming that IC System is apparently STILL abusing consumers and ignoring our RIGHT to not pay our bills.

    There is NO law requiring anyone to pay any bill.

    One collector recently claimed that the law requires me to pay my bills. I asked her to tell me more abou that “law” and she couldn’t.

    That was funny.

    Another collector insisted that it is THEFT that I refuse to pay my bills. I asked him to send the sheriff to have me arrested. He finally hung up on me. Lying moron …

    Of course I figured that CJ is a collector and I looked up the IP, just for kicks.

    “City (per outside source): Fargo, North Dakota”

    Hmm, what the heck is in Fargo, ND?

    From http://www.icsystem.com/resources/releases/fargo.htm :

    I.C. System Relocates to New Fargo Office

    St. Paul, Minn. (December 2, 2006) – I.C. System announced the opening of its newly constructed Fargo operations office. The 18,000 square foot facility is a state-of-the-art, one-story building with capacity for approximately 300 employees.

    The new facility almost doubles the size of I.C. System’s Fargo operation. “Our new facility gives us the capacity to handle increasing business from both local and national clients,” says Jeremy Cleveland, Branch Manager of the Fargo office. “We have been very successful at hiring quality individuals from the Fargo-Moorhead area,” adds Cleveland. “Our new facility allows us to add 100 employees and it creates more upper-level management opportunities.”

    Is that FUNNY or what?

  13. Hi everyone, I use to work for IC System and I was one of the nice ones. I just wanted to let you all know that your number is on an automatic dialer system so what happens is the sytem calls the number and we ask for the person who owes the debt. There are some things that i did not agree with but it paid the bills. I know there are some rude collectors but I have learned the nicer you are the nicer the person you are talking to is. So just remember it is not us personally calling you it is the system.

    Thanks for your time.

  14. these people are ass clowns….I say we nuke em…

  15. David, I have a better and more realistic idea.

    People need to get their RECORDERS going and DOCUMENT FDCPA violations.

    I just set up the new Liars and Cheats EXPOSED site for that purpose.

  16. They must be collecting for Chase-that’s the only company I’m currently not paying. When I get one of these calls(on my cell, my only phone)I assign it to a phone book entry with a silent .mp3 ringtone-they can call all day if they want and I never hear it. 🙂

  17. CJ, Yes people should pay their bills but there are situations that come up that a person falls behind to pay their bills. Some people become unemployed or sick. It does not give collection companies like IC systems, Enhance Recovery to keep harassing consumers. They should get it through their thick skulls that harassing, verbally abusing people does not help get money out of people.

  18. Just want to note here that I’m consolidating my blogs and I already moved a couple blogs about credit reporting and collection abuse (Portfolio Recovery) with my PUBLISHED FTC and AG complaints to http://liarsandcheats.info/

    This blog will also be moved within the next few weeks.

    I was unbelieveably hasseled by IC Systems (Alan) even after I agreed to make payments since I was concerned about my credit report. Anyway, after they consistently threatened me that they would report me to the BIG 3 credit reporting agencies if I missed ONE DAY and didn’t pay the EXACT amount: ..I took matters into my own hands:
    I found the person who is the director or credit reporting at IC SYSTEMS and she said they didn’t report anyone who attempted payments and ultimately paid the balance (within 9 months) (she asked how I got her number: and I said the supervisor game me it – hah!!)

    ROXANNE BZDOK: 651-481-6434

  20. these people keep calling me, 4 or 5 times a day, asking for someone I’ve never heard of, I told them they have the wrong number, I don’t have any outstanding debts, and they continue to call, its very aggravating, any suggestions?

  21. RECORD the calls (they will lie about it if you don’t) and then:

    * File a complaint with your state AG and the FTC

    * SUE them

    If you have recordings, you can probably get an attorney on contingency and get a few dollars or just sue in small claims.

  22. Roxanne hates to be called! Ha! 651-481-6434 Advise her directly to have the illegal calls stopped after you have asked the anonymous reps multiple times.

  23. I am getting harassed after they have received a letter that they are included in my chapter 7. The monies that they are stating I owe is for service that AT & T was never able to get connected in my area. After trying to fight the battle of. Me not oweing them and being unsuccessful I added them to my chapter 7 because my husband and I were upside down on our house. I have given themmy attorneys name and number. I have told them what they are doing is illegal and I do not owe them anything. I am not one to use foul language but have begun doing this as well. They call all hours of the day and night. Even if I did owe these monies IC System would not be the one I paid just because of these calls. I would never allow liars and cheats personal information about myself.

  24. RECORD the calls and GET PAID! You probably could use an extra few thousand dollars.

    You have to be able to PROVE that you told them that the account was discharged.

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