Archuleta v. IC System — CO federal court 1:08-cv-01520-MSK-KMT

Just found this case against I.C. System for MULTIPLE calls.

Apparently Archuleta doesn’t have a VM or answering machine and as I noticed when the ringing was so disruptive that I just picked up and hung up the phone, they would call again a few minutes later.

There were days when I was reviewing client reports or working on filings when I could have killed the callers. It think it was an IC rep who told me that I could just unplug my phone. Right.

And then I could blow my brains out or set myself on fire when I’m starving to death because these assholes won’t let me work.

Of course I expect IC to settle with Archuleta for legal fees and “going away” money, what else CAN one do?

Until the FDCPA includes PUNITIVE damages and much higher statutory damages, nothing will change.

The profits due to the illegal collection practices are much greater than the occasional settlement.

In the 70s the FDCPA provided for up to $1,000 damages. They have NOT increased!

Ever notice how the FTC allows the CRAs to increase the cost of credit reports? A few years ago it was $8. Not it’s $10.50.

Statutory damages should be AT MINIMUM $1,000 and UP TO 10,000.

The only bright side is that emotional distress and mental anguish are actual damages.

The Archuleta complaint is posted in the CreditFactors litigation knowledgebase.

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