Electronic filing denied — my motion for reconsideration and clarification

I can’t imagine why the court denied my motion for permission to file electronically.  The order as well as the other filings are at CreditCourt.

My 8/14/08 motion for reconsideration or clarification:

Plaintiff Christine Baker hereby requests that the Court reconsider its 8/8/08 Order denying her Motion to Allow Electronic Filing, or in the alternative, explain why it denied the Motion.

Baker will be seriously prejudiced if she can not file electronically

1) Baker will have less time to respond to motions and orders.

Living in the Mohave County desert about 250 miles form the Phoenix, Baker does NOT enjoy the luxury of mail delivery and pickup at her home and she obviously can’t file in person or pay for a courier. The closest post-office is about 8 miles from Baker’s residence and the mail leaves town at 10:30 AM, likely requiring Baker to make the about 110 mile round trip to the Kingman post-office to meet filing deadlines.
Additionally, Baker will be wasting time preparing mailings and getting them to the post-office that could be spent to improve her filings or earn a living.

2) Baker will be burdened with significant unnecessary expenses

Not only will Baker have to pay postage to mail all filings to the Court and to all Defendants, but with the current cost of gasoline, wear and tear to her truck (dirt road), paper, ink, etc., the cost becomes significant.

3) The tax payers pay for court employees’ time.

Somebody will have to get paid to handle, scan and electronically file Baker’s snail mailed filings.

4) Baker may be forced to default on other accounts.

This case revolves around IC System’s and its collectors’ violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and their harassment calls have been disrupting Baker while working. The more time she has to waste on this litigation, the more likely it becomes that she will have to stop paying additional creditors.

5) Resources are limited and precious

At a time of wars for oil and with climate change in the daily news, no resources should be wasted.


For the foregoing reasons, Baker respectfully requests that the Court reconsider its Denial of her Motion to Allow Electronic Filing or in the alternative, explain why it denied the Motion.
DATED this 14th day of August, 2008.

Christine Baker
Plaintiff Pro Se

While I mailed the motion on Thu the 14th and I made an effort to get to the mail before 10:30 AM so it would go out the same day, it wasn’t filed until the 18th and finally was uploaded today, on the 19th.

Of course this demonstrates how much time I lose when I can’t file electronically. Last time I checked, I could NOT get overnight delivery guarantee to Phoenix at the Kingman (55 miles away) main post-office at 4:30 PM.

I’ll be posting the court’s order as soon as I get it.

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