5/15/08 Nigel Parry's letter to WaMu and IC System

Before you head to Nigel’s page, grab your favorite beverage and get comfortable, it’s a LONG letter.

Nigel Parry’s 5/15/08 letter to WaMu and IC System with the DETAILED description of the WaMu and IC System abuse and harassment.

Update 9/5/08: Nigel entire domain disappeared, so here’s the pdf: 8-24-08-letter-to-washington-mutual

Nigel “believes” that he must pay his WaMu debt and the outrageous interest and he continues to pay WaMu DESPITE the IC System harassment and abuse.

Even credit counseling recommended that he file for bankruptcy. 

I find Nigel’s beliefs especially disturbing because he is a peace activist and he’s been “out there.”  He is a very bright and articulate young man and I’m hoping to hear from him in response to my posting about his website and background.

Living in peace by opression like the slaves on the plantations is not what the Palestinians and Iraqis desire and it’s not how I want to live. 

I’m tired of being treated like a slave with no rights.  IC System continually and willfully violates the FDCPA. 

Like most collectors, IC System operates as if it were above the law.  And of course they are effectively above the law because next to nobody sues and it’s much more profitable to violate the law and on very few occasions pay a few dollars than to comply with the law.

It’s a simple calculation.  Let’s say their profits are $1 million/year while complying with the law and $2 million when ignoring the FDCPA.    Assume they’re paying $20,000/year to defend/settle lawsuits.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that crime pays.

I have no idea what the IC System actual numbers are, but their ACTIONS leave no doubt that it is more profitable to ignore the law than to comply.  Harassment and abuse PAY.

Nigel is aware of his rights under the FDCPA, but he probably doesn’t have hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to try to enforce his rights in court.  However, he might want to send his letter to WaMu and IC System and their responses to MN lawyers listed at the National Organization of Consumer Attorneys.

Also, IC System is a MN corporation and MN AG Lori Swanson recently filed suit against infamous debt collector Afni.  I hope Nigel will send a copy of his letter to AG Swanson.

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