IC System collector Amanda PROVIDES SSN instead of requesting it for verification

As I was preparing my initial disclosures and looking for NEW collection calls AFTER IC System received my lawsuit, I listened to Amanda’s call.



For days I had been receiving these MOST obnoxious recordings, I’ll have to post one of those too.

So here is the 7/25/08 call transcript:

Me: Hello

IC System unidentified person: Hi, is Christine Baker available

Me: Speaking

IC System unidentified person: Hi Christine, how’re you doing today?

Me: Bad.

… pause …

IC System robot: Christine Baker

Amanda: This is Amanda with IC System and you were just transferred over to me and I’m calling on behalf of Washington Mutual, ma’am, and I do need to verify that the last four of your social is  [XXXX], is that correct?

Me: I’m not talking to you, I have a lawsuit against IC Systems.

Amanda: You do????

Me: Yes.

Amanda: Why???

Me: For these phone calls.

Amanda: Really.  You owe my client money and you’re gonna sue us for calling you?

Me: Yup. I already did. I’ve had it mailed to your CEO, I believe, several weeks ago and I’m absolutely stunned that you would have the nerve to continue harassing me.

Amanda: Christine … Christine … I’m still on the phone and I would like to know what the letter said and what’s going on so I can note the account …

Me: I suggest …

Amanda: notify my supervisor, ma’am

Me: I suggest …

Amanda: and let my supervisor know what’s going on.

Me: Can I say something here?

Me: I suggest you talk to your legal department.  Have a nice day.

Amanda: ok.

Sound of me slamming the receiver on the phone.

I’m glad I didn’t break my phone. There’s nothing to ruin my day like one of these calls.  Feeling so incredibly powerless.  You can sue, but you can’t stop them.

On 8/4/08, I got ANOTHER IC System call.

I would LOVE to depose Amanda.

I plan to amend my complaint to add her as defendant.  There really should be minimum statutory damages just for giving out my partial SSN INSTEAD of verifying my ID. 

The FDCPA prohibits disclosure of the collection activities to 3rd parties, but what about disclosure of my personal identifying info to just anyone?

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  1. I too have been severly harassed. Is there a way to add me as a plaintiff? I would love to get involved.

  2. I’m not sure, am not an attorney. It’s probably a little late even if you are in Arizona.

    Do you have recordings or other evidence?

    Collectors are LIARS, as evidenced by their initial disclosures, discovery responses and filings.

    I already scanned the IC System initial disclosures, will post them shortly and you’ll see what I mean.

    LIES, LIES and MORE LIES even though they HAVE the recorded calls on CD.

    You need to be able to prove that you requested that they not call you or have recorded calls.

  3. First I would like to commend you for taking action where as most who should dont. Since I myself have been laid off and my saving are dwindling away I sure I will be getting some of these phone call soon. I would be will donting my time to you for research if that would help since thats all i could offer you at this time. I wanted to share my girl friends recent incounter with a collection agency. They called collecting for Chase bank and the first calls where to say the lest very threatening literally. They said they could repose her belongings, garnish her wages and ofcorse sue her. This debt was only 2 months late for the very first time ever. They then tried to get her to have her family pay and she being her and wanting to pay but just cant atm agreed to ask her dad on the phone for the money. They put her on a 3 way call and the agent then tried to threaten her father into paying the bill. He of course couldn’t and the agent became very abusive him, all the while im listen to all this on the other line. After that a few days late her ex-husban’s father was called by this agency and get this demanded he pay this debt for her decussing in detail the matter and demanding an over the phone payment or they would sue rebekah. How they got his number is beyond me but they still are calling 2 times a day at 8:30am and 7:30pm. I’ll ask rebekah what the name of the agency was as im not sure at moment and I beleive the debt has changed hands since then. Also around 2002 she tried to use a debt consolidation company they kept pounding a credit card of hers the one that defaulted for over $300.00 on the premise of lowering her interest rates on her cards. They did nothing at all. She filled the forms they sent her and never heard from them again all the while they where taking money from her credit card.
    Good luck on your suite and if we can collect enough evidence we will taking them to court as well however we didnt get anything on recording so im not sure we will have any recorse. I wish I had been aware of this site before all this happened for it has insired me to get off my ass and do something. I’m sick and tired of being takin advantage of by big business.

  4. I am not sure how it happened but once I mentioned to IC system about payments and possibly settlement, my account went back to WaMu the next day. Well at least it seemed. I did end up settling the account for a lot less than what I owed just to get rid of them and IC System. I really do commend you Christine on your hard work and determination. I kept track of each $1K offense and I should have done the same as yourself. It is just appalling the way IC System treats society like they are all scum. Forget the fact hard times come by all of us by now fault of our own and we, as society, try to get throught these difficult times as best as possible. One could only hope that what comes around goes around in their situation. They need to have a chance on our end just to see what we have to deal with not only with day to day life but also how to make it by day to day.

  5. I too have come on hard times and have lost 60% of my income. I had great credit and have a good rate fixed mortgage. I have fallen behind with Washington Mutual and am being harrassed by IC systems. I just filed a cease and desist letter, and have a cll long with 150 calls on it. I don’t play the game over the phone. I am just as upset with WAMU for associating themself with this bunch of dirt bags. I said i would not settle without a signed copy of the settlement, and the imbecile on the other end seemed confused. I then told them to have WAMU call about a settlement. They haven’t called just the cretins from iC.

  6. I have read your blog, as I too am having trouble with my credit cards. But you, miss, are a vindictive bitch. Amanda clearly wanted to help you with her question, wanted to alert the proper higher ups and possibly stop calls. You just perpetuated the situation by talking over her and hanging up. Communication is key in situations like this. You may be tired of the calls, but you have to go through the motions each and every time in regards to debt until it is paid. Otherwise, don’t answer the phone. ICS has been calling me 15 times a day for the last month, but I politely explain once every couple of days the situation. If the rep gets nasty, I hang up, telling them I am doing so politely and with respect. Amanda has these calls transferred to her. She did not maliciously dial your phone number. Thank god these people still have a job, as they could be one of the tens of thousands without. Best of luck to you, keep Jesus in your heart.


  7. Kent, you are one first class idiot.

    If you knew ANYTHING about Jesus, you’d know that Jesus would NOT support the collectors.

    If you had ANY morals whatsoever, you’d sue IC System and use the settlement/judgment money to help the many millions of people who starve to death because the banker and lawyer scum is exploiting and destroying the entire planet.

    But, it takes stupid Jesus freaks like you to make it possible.

    Congratulations to KILLING a human being every couple seconds!

  8. Kent Brockman is a complete moron. I have been getting calls from these people up to 15 calls a day. They are calling and leaving threatening messages and when i have talked to them they refuse to stop calling me. The worst part about it is that they are calling for people that I don’t know. They just call me and demand that I pay them and continue to claim that I am really the person that they are looking for. I am interested in finding out how you were able to record your conversations with them. I would like to do that so that I can have proof that I talked to them and their response and threats. This would make for a very good law suit since they routinely violate the FDCA. I have no intention of having to explain to these ass holes 10 times a day that I don’t know the person they are looking for. I hope that you are able to help me so that I can finally give these sleazy bastards a dose of their own medicine.

  9. “The worst part about it is that they are calling for people that I don’t know.”

    That’s just incredible!

    There’s an OLD long topic on recording at http://fight-back.us/forum/index.php?showtopic=96

    Obviously, the digital recorders got a lot cheaper since 2004 or you get a lot more space. For phone calls, you don’t need much space.

    There’s also quite a bit of software to record on computers.

    Recently new services such as Spoofcard and Trapcall, but I haven’t tested them yet.

    If you can prove that you told them that they have the wrong number, you should really be able to get an attorney to take your case on contingency.

    These morons at IC System just don’t know when to quit!

    SUE, people, SUE!

    And, if you don’t want to sue, submit your PUBLISHED complaint to the FTC as I did at http://credit-reporting-collection-ftc-complaints.info

  10. Does anyone know the ceo of ic system email address?

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