Attorney Grimm continues to ignore me

Friday is the deadline to submit the settlement conference statement.

I’m still waiting for responses to my previous two emails.  Received nothing indicating that IC System attorney Grimm finally filed the stipulation to extend the due date for the settlement conference.  I agreed to delay the hearing for HIS convenience without any argument or getting anything in return, attorney Grimm promised to prepare the stipulation, and of course he LIED.


Not to mention that he has the audacity to IGNORE me AGAIN and AGAIN.

I might was well be married with five kids …

Attorney Grimm never responded to my settlement offer, never explained why an insurance adjuster is involved with a deductible of $50k and apparently nobody from IC System will attend.

I have no idea what’s going on.  Other than that it looks like I’ll waste another entire day on the settlement conference next week.  Of course, that’s the goal, to wear me out.

Mr. Grimm,

I don’t have kids and I’m not married because I really HATE nagging.
I won’t bother you again and I’ll email you a copy of the settlement conference statement after I submitted it to the court.

Christine Baker



Mr. Grimm,

1) I never received the stipulation and got nothing from the court.  If you haven’t filed it already, please  file it.

2) I’m very confused.   Why didn’t your client accept my very low $7,500 settlement offer since you’re expecting me to demand OVER $50,000 at the settlement conference?

While my demand will certainly be higher than the $7,500, I hadn’t planned on increasing it that much.

What am I missing?

Christine Baker



11/21 works for me if you prepare the stipulation and I file it.  Please let me know and I’ll confirm it with the court.

With regards to settling, I can tell you that RIGHT NOW I’d be willing to settle for $7,500 for all claims/defendants because I’m trying to do some more work on my unfinished house before winter.  

This is not a standing offer as I might get funds from other sources.   I’m absolutely appalled by the IC System collection practices and I actually would much prefer to take this to the jury, get national attention and hopefully some legislative changes such as increased statutory damages.

I was just out getting lumber and I am trying to take advantage of cooler temps before it rains again, so I’m not usually by my phone during the day.   But I check my messages 206-202-4653 frequently.

Christine Baker

At 11:47 AM 9/18/2008, you wrote:


Ms. Baker,
I would prefer to hold the conference on a Friday.  I do not believe the court would have a problem if we stipulated to move the deadline from 11/14 to 11/21, and scheduled the conference for November 21.  Please advise if you are amenable to this arrangement.
Also, I would like to speak with you again about possiblly settling this case short of the conference, or at least to get a sense from you of what you believe this case is worth.  Please advise of a time and telephone number at which it would be convenient for me to call you about this matter.

Timothy R. Grimm

Phelps Dodge Tower
One North Central, Ste. 900
Phoenix, AZ  85004
(602) 256-3060 (Direct Line)
(602) 307-9900 (Main Phone Number)
(602) 307-5853 (Fax)

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