I’ve been so busy, I forgot to post here that we settled in November.

Posted about the settlement at and CreditSuit got promptly shut down by court order on behalf of Colorado doctor Tameira Hollander.

Update:  It was a long battle, but eventually I prevailed against doctor Hollander and is back online.


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  1. I have a legal question . I sent in a full payment to IC system by check. 2 weeks later they call me saying they never recieved it . I asked that if pay with my debit will you send the check back if you get it before a get a chance to cancel it. When I checked my account they had done 3 withdrawls from my account the check and the debit ON THE SAME DAY. I want to take leagal action what should I do?

  2. Sorry, must have missed your post. Of course what they did wasn’t legal, but they’ll claim it was a MISTAKE.

    I hope you got your money back.

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