This IC System suit blog is now at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED

The domain was expiring and there’s no need to continue to pay domain registration fees as we can have unlimited blogs at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED.

IC System will get much more exposure here and this blog shows how important it is that consumers RECORD all collection calls and messages.

You must be able to PROVE the FDCPA violations to prevail in court as collectors will ALWAYS lie and DENY your allegations.

For general collection news and posted collection calls please visit Credit Reporting and Debt Collection News.

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  1. As an observation, getting something like Google Voice placed in front of your phone line or a SIP based phone service where they offer the call logs- or get a geek to set up a SIP based line with a PBX system running on a computer will give you an edge. They call often without leaving ANY messages- 3 seconds isn’t long enough to leave messages. Last couple of days because I’m “late” they’ve hammered my phone 4-6 times a day and on the weekends (which is a no-no…)- all of which was logged on the PBX system I’ve got.

    All you need is proof. Recording the conversations will help. Recording the attempts they make to contact you will help as well.

  2. I’m not familiar with Google Voice, seems to be cell phone related: Personally, I only use cell phones for emergencies and not only because I don’t need a brain tumor, but I dislike being tracked at all times. And I dislike Google as they are way too close to the government and way too big. I usually use for my web searches.

    I find that the FREE K7 service does a super job of documenting calls and one of my clients actually has her land line forwarded to K7 after 4 rings so that she is no longer bothered with collection calls and she gets the recordings of hangups or messages emailed to her — all for the small cost of call forwarding service from her local phone company.

    You are right that the more documentation you have, the better. However, the actual call attempts are all provided by the collector through discovery.

    Their software keep track of EVERY attempt.

    So the most important evidence are the recordings of their messages or conversations with you as they will NOT provide those. And that’s where you get the best FDCPA violations. For TCPA, their attempted calls are all you need.

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