About my suit

Summary of my suit against collector IC System and collectors Karen, Turonda and Dave

I sued IC System and their collectors because they violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act on numerous occasions when they attempted to collect for Washington Mutual.

I requested that they stop calling me and to please sue me, but they continued to call.

To make matters worse, they left many recorded messages on my voice mail.  I considered changing my number, but living in a rural area, my number would be reassigned to one of my neighbors.  I’m not exactly secretive about my business decision to stop paying my WaMu credit card. My 12/12/07 Open Letter to WaMu:

My refusal to pay my $8,000 WaMu (Providian) VISA card due to the 26% interest rate

But I DO mind when collectors leave these messages on answering machines or voice mails.  Not only can every person in the room hear the messages, including people who should NOT know about this collection, but I never get the chance to explain WHY I’m not paying WaMu when the message is left for the new owner of my number.

So I sent a draft of my complaint and settlement offer to IC System and long after my offer expired I got a moronic letter demanding the recorded phone calls.

I complied with their request and sent the CD along with my initial disclosures, discovery requests, complaint, summons and Open Letter to the IC System CEO.  They know who I am and what I do and they WANT the publicity.

They then retained James L. Blair and Timothy R. Grimm with RENAUD COOK DRURY MESAROS, PA (the attorneys in my case against NCO) in Phoenix and they removed the case from state court to federal court on 7/25/08.

By filing In state court, I save $300 in filing fees and I can serve by mail.  Additionally, I can serve my discovery requests with the complaint and summons, unlike in federal court.

However, in federal court I can file electronically, a huge plus as I receive the filings electronically, I have a lot more time to work on responses, I don’t have to mail to the defendant and only courtesy copies of major filings need to be mailed to the judge, saving me a ton of mailing costs and work.

I have two other major filing deadlines, so I won’t be able to work on this as much as I’d like to, but at least I finally got this site up and running.

I will have to amend my complaint as IC System started calling again DESPITE the lawsuit and I will name collector Amanda who called me last week.

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