I’ve been so busy, I forgot to post here that we settled in November. Posted about the settlement at and CreditSuit got promptly shut down by court order on behalf of Colorado doctor Tameira Hollander. Update:  It was a long battle, but eventually I prevailed against doctor Hollander and is back online.  

My post at (collection site) about FCRA and FDCPA amendments

I submitted my comment at InsideARM in response to the article about FDCPA complaints submitted to the FTC: Accurate Or Not, Consumer Complaint List Needs to be Addressed I totally agree that consumer complaints need to be addressed and the FDCPA needs to be amended ASAP. I’m hoping to take my case against IC System […]

5/15/08 Nigel Parry's letter to WaMu and IC System

Before you head to Nigel’s page, grab your favorite beverage and get comfortable, it’s a LONG letter. Nigel Parry’s 5/15/08 letter to WaMu and IC System with the DETAILED description of the WaMu and IC System abuse and harassment. Update 9/5/08: Nigel entire domain disappeared, so here’s the pdf: 8-24-08-letter-to-washington-mutual Nigel “believes” that he must pay his WaMu debt and the outrageous interest and […]

Sign up for the common good banks

As my litigation documents, you can’t expect to find justice in America. The government is corrupt. The corporations are corrupt. The bankers are corrupt. The courts are corrupt. I’ve given up on CHANGING this corrupt system. We’re past the point of no return. I didn’t think anything could be done aside from defaulting on unsecured […]