IC System collector Amanda PROVIDES SSN instead of requesting it for verification

As I was preparing my initial disclosures and looking for NEW collection calls AFTER IC System received my lawsuit, I listened to Amanda’s call. Note: NO mini miranda (ACA on mini miranda requirements) Amanda tried to VERIFY my ID by PROVIDING the last 4 digits of my SSN. 7-25-08-amanda-last-4-of-social.wav For days I had been receiving these […]

7/17/08 IC System automated voice mail

Despite receiving my lawsuit in June, IC System decided to continue to harass me. 2008-07-17-automated-call

3/21/08 IC System Karen's voice mail

This is one of the recorded calls I provided to IC System on  CD with my initial disclores in STATE court: http://ic-system-collection-suit.info/2008-03-21-IC-System-Karen-VM.WAV