I’ve been so busy, I forgot to post here that we settled in November. Posted about the settlement at and CreditSuit got promptly shut down by court order on behalf of Colorado doctor Tameira Hollander. Update:  It was a long battle, but eventually I prevailed against doctor Hollander and is back online.  

Attorney Grimm continues to ignore me

Friday is the deadline to submit the settlement conference statement. I’m still waiting for responses to my previous two emails.  Received nothing indicating that IC System attorney Grimm finally filed the stipulation to extend the due date for the settlement conference.  I agreed to delay the hearing for HIS convenience without any argument or getting […]

Settlement conference and my settlement offer

I just posted the case management plan and the filings and orders regarding the settlement conference at CreditCourt. The settlement conference is scheduled for 11/21/08 before a magistrate judge.  As we were scheduling the conference, IC System attorney Timothy Grimm wanted to talk to me about settling (as ordered by the magistrate judge). I sent my settlement […]