IC System numbers: 410-968-7953 — 651-204-1374 — 800-561-5695 — 866-903-1001

These are numbers for IC System as per caller ID:


Please post any additional numbers for IC System

7/17/08 IC System automated voice mail

Despite receiving my lawsuit in June, IC System decided to continue to harass me.


3/21/08 IC System Karen's voice mail

This is one of the recorded calls I provided to IC System on  CD with my initial disclores in STATE court:


My Open Letter to WaMu and the collection calls and settlement offer

Open Letter to WaMu: My refusal to pay my $8,000 WaMu (Providian) VISA card due to the 26% interest rate

The summary:

In May 2007, Washington Mutual more than doubled my interest rate to 26% despite my flawless credit.  On 11/15/07, WaMu DECLINED my request for a lower interest rate and disclosed that it utilized FICO and internal credit scores to determine that I am a high credit risk.  Greedy vile bankers don’t deserve to get paid and I stopped paying this account.  Chase recently announced that it will no longer utilize credit report data to rate existing accounts.  What will it take to get WaMu to stop this vile practice?

It looks like they’ll go out of business rather than changing their vile practices.

On 6/30/08 I spoke for about 2 hours to their clueless collectors.   6/30 was the they charged the account off unless I agreed to a payment plan and they tried hard to get me to accept their 50% settlement offer.

They also kept emphasizing how they wanted to help me preserve my good credit rating.  Of course that’s complete BS, as they refused to delete the derogatory data if I settled.  

WaMu raised my interest rate to 26% when my credit was FLAWLESS. 

So what kind of “good” credit would I have with a paid CHARGE-OFF?   Would they charge me 50% interest?


Also, agreeing to a payment plan BEFORE the account is charged off will DESTROY your credit as they will continue to report is as LATE and OVER LIMIT until you are current and below your limit.  If you don’t have the cash to get that accomplished with the first payment, your most recent delinquency will be more RECENT than if you let the account charge off.   And even after you are current, your FICO scores will be LOWER than if you let the account charge off because your B/L ratio will be extremely high for a very long time

It makes no difference to FICO scores whether the account was 60 days late or charged off, the IMPORTENT data is the MOST RECENT DELIQUENCY.

My FICO scores could be around 700  a year after the last chargeoff if I had about 10-15% of the charged off amounts and I WANTED to improve my scores.

The HIGH 50% settlement offer

I told the WaMu collectors that I routinely settle accounts for clients for 10-25% and that even if I WANTED to settle the account (which I don’t), there’s no way that I would accept this horrible offer.

I talked to collector Goodwin (if that’s his real name) for about 1.5 hours.  It was HILARIOUS when I heard the other collectors celebrating, yelling, screaming and clapping right after he stated that my account would be charged off in a minute.  It suppose the occasion was that the WaMu quarter ended or maybe they’re so happy every day when they can go home.  It sure was very funny.

He threatened me with harassment calls for the next 7 years.   

When Washington Mutual goes out of business (hopefully soon) or if they sell the account, some debt buyer will start collecting and they’ll get my notice requesting that they not contact me again. Of course I’ll blog what happens. 

My credit rating is currently irrelevant.

I’m not looking to finance ANYTHING and instead of wasting my time and money on credit, I’m working on helping this corrupt system implode.

It’s time for CHANGE — and I’m not talking about the Obama change to the New World Order and a police state.