Corrupt FL foreclosure judges railroad home owners in Kangaroo Courts

Florida actually created a special foreclosure court system to handle the many thousands of foreclosures.

Here is an excerpt from the fantastic article Florida’s Kangaroo Foreclosure Courts: Judges Denying Due Process on Behalf of Banks

… Let’s look at one example of banana republic faux justice in the US, via a speech by foreclosure court Judge Roger Colton to his court on how the day was going to go. It’s simply breathtaking. He says that if the bank is foreclosing, he’s not going to consider any evidence that the foreclosure is in error (servicing errors, plaintiff can’t provide proof it owns the note, which means it might not be the right party and procedurally, means it lacks standing to take action). He says he has already heard everything, there is a lot of unemployment in the area; he is going to schedule a court date, but that is merely a deadline for negotiation. In other words, he makes it abundantly clear he has no interest in hearing evidence. When he gets to seeing a defendant after his speech to the court (p. 13), he rubber stamps what the bank wants without even considering the evidence. And apparently his entire day went like that. The summary from an attorney who was representing a client before him that day:

“On 8/30, I had a Summary Judgment Foreclosure hearing on Palm Beach County’s “Rocket Docket”. The judge spoke for 14 minutes to the crowd, of mostly pro se defendants, about how they should just agree to the summary judgment and the plaintiffs, (whose attorneys (Shapiro & Fishman had a dedicated courtroom and to whom he referred to as “my attorneys”) would be gracious (Ha!) enough to allow them to stay in their homes for 120 days if needed (even though the statute says he only has to give them 30). When it came to hearing arguments which were fully briefed and provided to the court (pursuant to the instructions of the Divisions head judge) he only allowed 30-60 seconds for argument, failed to read any of the papers, failed to review the plaintiff’s foreclosure package,flatly ignored the Affidavit filed in Opposition, ignored my plea for a trial, signed the judgment and dismissed me. I never was permitted to even read the proposed judgment or to examine the “newly discovered” allonge which Shapiro’s counsel said I had no right to see.”

Newly discovered allonges (separate documents with endorsements on them) are fakes; this is the new preferred method of document fabrication. Per the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), an allonge is to be used ONLY when all the space that could be used for endorsement of a note has been used up. That means margins and the reverse side. And when an allonge is employed, it has to be so firmly attached to the original as to constitute a single document. Hence, no way can it travel separately and suddenly be discovered if it were legitimate.

If you want to know what happens in foreclosure court, read the TRANSCRIPT of the hearing:


But it gets even better.

Judge Pamela Campbell SIGNED and FILED the final order for summary judgment for US Bank PRIOR to the scheduled hearing!

Motion to Disqualify judge Campbell:


Truly incredible.

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  1. I confirm the absolute truth of foreclosure corruption. As a pro se litigant, Every one of five (5) judges in my foreclosure case admitted never reading anything I wrote while ruling against me every step of the way, even though I rescinded my mortgage under the Truth In Lending Act 2 years ago, so summary judgment was awarded to an unsecured bank. My Counter-Claim was thrown out the same way. Palm Beach County Circuit Civil judges are UTTERLY CORRUPT.


  2. I can provide full documentation regarding my prior statement, and I DEFY any of my “judges” to deny the truth of my statements or the proofs of my documentation, including court reporter transcripts of judges admitting they never read anything I wrote, or even considered the merits of my side of my case, “in reckless disregard” for my rights or any semblance of “justice”.



  3. How about starting a blog here?

    Upload the documents, here is an example:

    You can put your documentation in “pages”, post a summary, name names.


  4. Phony Florida Legal Club of America: nothing but a bunch of low level clerks who cannot help you with foreclosures.

    Has anyone ever dealt with them? Recently,
    Broward County closed the office in Sunrise and yet the service is still taking your fees.

    The business is closed, why are these people still working and not paying their County Business Tax?

    LEGAL CLUB OF AMERICA — Business Tax account 36861. A waste of money, awful services, and on top of that, it’s illegal…walk away. No wonder there are so many foreclosures.

    Disappointed customer in Lauderlakes

  5. You can write to :
    to report a fraudulent business, especially this one:

    Acct Num 36861
    Business Name:
    7771 W OAKLAND PK BLVD 217

    Owner Ms. MARCI A. RUBIN

    Apparently, Broward County closed the account a month ago. How come this low level lawyer is still taking outrageous legal fees from her clients to this day?

    We went online and found out that this business account status is Closed/Canceled as of 10/26/2010.

    What are your rights if are a client and got no service? Again, you can fight this SCAM by reporting her illegal business to the IRS.

    Foreclosing in South Florida 🙁

  6. It is interesting to see that to cover her butt she claimed to have closed her business in February 2010, how corrupt of the County to allow her to do that!
    MAR (Marci Amus Rubin) = Worse legal clerk of the year.

  7. Marci Amus Rubin closed her business because she got herself involved in a fraudulent job.
    In 2009, she spent a year helping a drug dealer (yes, a gangster) save his Davie/Florida house from foreclosure. How ironic, he lives 2 houses down from her.
    What’s in it for her, we wonder…
    A bunch of criminals, drug dealers and convicted felons regularly meet at her house, now she’s highly involved.
    What is it, cash in hand, special favors, what’s the deal?
    Rubin has desperately been trying to be recognized as a lawyer since the 90’s. Unfortunately, her low level jobs over the years have amounted to nothing but a farce.
    Her spending habits are not helping either.

    Filling out legal forms and giving bogus advice is not much of a career!

    When you can’t run your own life, don’t go telling other people what to do, please.

    Helping drug dealers pays big, fast and tax free.

    Way to go MAR, how does it go again?
    “…Voicing your opinions that are based upon true facts, that is why this country is so wonderful, we can voice our opinions.”
    “…What’s in a name? What’s in an address? Like living next door to a drug dealer and a convicted felon?”

    What an ugly reputation you have.
    Especially when these guys start fighting, police reports with your husband’s name on them, and you’re stuck living where you live for the rest of your life.
    What a waste of an education…

  8. What kind of a moron would judge people by their neighbors?

    I just noticed that the last THREE comments were submitted from the same IP address — but with DIFFERENT names. Obviously the author is NOT credible.

    This author is now BANNED from posting here as it is NOT appropriate conduct at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED to use false names. There are plenty of OTHER sites for anonymous cowards.

    ““…What’s in a name? What’s in an address?”

    In the future I will NOT approve any posts along these lines.

    I don’t care about your neighbors, your race, your ethnicity, your religion and your immigration status.

    I care about whether you are a decent person and I want NOTHING to do with people like the author of the previous comments.

  9. I think all this mortgage fraud started in south florida. after hurricane andrew devistated south miami all the builders moved north to miami /broward county line and started expanding. the people came. the scammed us out of our old houses into homes we could never afford. the bid scam was 1st not telling any long time florida homeowners we had a tax savings on our homes. that we should never move. fix up and send ypur kids to privtate school. the 2nd was the year delay for tax assessment. builders were able to get us approved for homes by having their “oWN” mortgage broker not include the taxes and insurance in the approval proccess. byt eh time the year comes the house will have been out of their hands. i was devistated to find out my property taxes more then doubled and my homeowners insurance doubled from what we were told at the sale all fraud. but 2006 times were good for home sellers. we sold and move 300 miles away to try and start over. i moved to an area with well ans eptic and low property taxes. but you cant run away from the economy. being a nurse for 25 yrs this area of florida only wants low paid graduate nurses working. older nurses like my self do not get called for jobs that we apply for. i am an OB nurse mother/baby and can not find work. move back to hollywood? well we also moved becuase my husband was not working can leave now he is working but what am i suppose to do. i have had more jobs in the past 5 yrs then i had all my life. not sure what to do at this point. cant even get the community college to call me. iam working home care now but feel they will let me go because i am to slow with the paper work. i learned alot on this adveture called life. never move away from your true friends. my 2 charge nurses in hollywood were my friends i would have worked there forever.

    with all my finacial troubles to top it off wells fargo told me to stop paying or they could not help me last sept. i have been severly under employed. wish i wasnt and had a large bank account. hope this change and i am a nurse for 25 yrears always with excellent credit scores i should not be losing my house.

  10. We’ll be attending a farewell party for our local nurse tomorrow. We’re in an area with wells and septic way out in the desert and there are no jobs. I knew that when I moved here and it’s WHY I moved here. I’m not the “employee” type. We were very happy when a nurse opened shop here a few years ago since we’re 60 miles from the nearest hospital and doctors. Everybody liked her and she did a great job. But between medicare and other insurance hassles and her determination to provide QUALITY service she couldn’t survive. There was no lack of patients, but you can’t stay in business when you’re supposed to spend more time on paper work than on your patients and you refuse to do that.

    We’re big on growing food and are now starting a community center with a community garden and space for artists and crafters to sell their goods. We’ll have classes on everything from food dehydration to ceramics to painting to healing with medicinal plants, etc.

    “i am a nurse for 25 yrears always with excellent credit scores i should not be losing my house.”

    You shouldn’t lose your house. But you also shouldn’t be doing the same thing your entire life. You should know about a lot more than your job. You should know how to get an accurate quote for insurance and property tax. So many people are so incredibly helpless and will always get screwed because they are naive and gullible all they know is their job.

    I don’t know nearly enough about your situation to give you specific advise, but I encourage you to get a grip on reality, turn off the TV (throw it away!!!) and take charge of your life!

  11. Hernando County Circuit Court judges are just as corrupt as the others mentioned here. Judge Jack Springstead(retire), Judge Curtis Neal, and others, all have made it a practice to railroad pro se litigants, ignore the law, and allow defective evidence in foreclosure proceedings.

    My wife and I have provided documentation which proves that Bank of America, and before them, Countrywide, were not the holders of our note and mortgage, but the banks were able to receive a summary judgement anyway.

    We also have documentation from BOA stating that Freddie Mac is the holder f the note and mortgage, but that has not swayed the cercuit court in Hernando County Florida.