Bank of America mortgage telephone harassment

A couple of days ago I received a message from Shelly at B of A, 866-468-3402 ext. 16566.  She left a message regarding clients.  I had tried to help them give their property to BofA a year ago.  Despite my clients’ full cooperation, Bank of America DENIED the deed in lieu after MONTHS of agony, dealing with those incompetent morons and they foreclosed about half a year ago.  B of A had both a 1st and 2nd mortgage (Countrywide).

When I returned Shelly’s call a couple hours later, she advised that she could not tell me why she called because she calls hundreds of people a day and their NAME was not sufficient to identify them.

I’ve had some voice mail communications with my clients over the last couple of days as I know that they are trying to modify the BofA mortgage on their home and I wondered whether they gave them my name and number.  According to my client’s voice mail, they’re STILL trying to get a modification and she sounded very frustrated, but she didn’t give them my name. My clients don’t have what it takes to prevail against a scummy outfit like BofA: 

You have to be as ruthless as they are.

Tell them to take that damn house and shove it where the sun don’t shine unless they reduce the PRINCIPAL balance to FAIR MARKET VALUE.

Today I got my clients’ file and I called Shelly at BofA again.  This time I provided the loan number for the first mortgage to her and she replied that she was calling on the 2nd mortgage.   I asked what she wanted since they already foreclosed half a year ago and she sounded surprised.

So I provided my client’s social security number and I asked her repeatedly to PLEASE tell me why she called.   She refused to tell me and hung up on me, stating that she would remove my number from the account.

Unfortunately, my clients are both ill and they have  ZERO chance of getting a fair deal with a modification for their home loan because they are WEAK.

Bank of America has weak people for lunch by the thousands every day.

Not being an attorney, I can’t help my clients anymore.  The ONLY alternative to walking away from the house is to file a lawsuit.

And of course there are NO attorneys willing to take these cases, especially here in Kingman, Arizona, where we don’t have a single consumer attorney and the nearest federal court is in Phoenix — not to mention the corrupt local judges and county attorney.  The bankers and debt buyers rule in rural Arizona.

Maybe one day enough people will get fed up with the banking fraud and take this country back from the bankers.

Until then, I can only hope that many people will take my advice, become judgment-proof, stop paying their credit cards and walk away from over-mortgaged houses.


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  1. Thank you,

    I received a call for National Help, they said the company could help me… I found out they are scam tooo