Bank of America mortgage telephone harassment

A couple of days ago I received a message from Shelly at B of A, 866-468-3402 ext. 16566.  She left a message regarding clients.  I had tried to help them give their property to BofA a year ago.  Despite my clients’ full cooperation, Bank of America DENIED the deed in lieu after MONTHS of agony, […]

A sucker born every second and the regulators LOVE it!

Why do people want to stop foreclosures at ANY cost? From the Chicago Times article: The firm advertised that it “guarantees in writing that we will find a solution to stop your foreclosure and save your home or your money back,” according to the complaint filed in civil court. If the lenders don’t reduce the […]

NACA loan modification frenzie

I really don’t know what to say about this. Why can’t this be done over the internet and by phone/fax? Why are people spending what little money they have on travel? How can people make rational decisions in this environment? Desperate homeowners line up for mortgage modification marathon Lannis Waters/Palm Beach Post Homeowners line up […]

Internet mortgage modification SCAMS alert!

As I just searched the web for information on mortgage modifications, I realized that MOST sites are operated by LEAD GENERATORS. How scammers make a ton of quick money: There are numerous mortgage modification websites that LOOK like official government web sites, requesting that home owners enter lots of personal information.  They SELL your data […]

Mortgage modifications with PRINCIPAL reductions?

While corporations and bankers received trillions of bailout dollars (enough to PAY OFF every mortgage in America), homeowners have been traumatized by lenders unwilling to modify mortgages or at best, eventually lowering the interest rates while ADDING delinquent amounts and fees to the principal balances.  Supposedly lenders CAN lower principal balances under the current programs, […]