Bank of America mortgage telephone harassment

A couple of days ago I received a message from Shelly at B of A, 866-468-3402 ext. 16566.  She left a message regarding clients.  I had tried to help them give their property to BofA a year ago.  Despite my clients’ full cooperation, Bank of America DENIED the deed in lieu after MONTHS of agony, […]

Corrupt FL foreclosure judges railroad home owners in Kangaroo Courts

Florida actually created a special foreclosure court system to handle the many thousands of foreclosures. Here is an excerpt from the fantastic article Florida’s Kangaroo Foreclosure Courts: Judges Denying Due Process on Behalf of Banks … Let’s look at one example of banana republic faux justice in the US, via a speech by foreclosure court […]

Bank of America foreclosed on CASH buyer

Bank of America FAILED to stop the foreclosure proceedings in Florida court after Jason Grodensky purchased the house for CASH through a short sale and the BofA mortgage was paid by wire transfer. FL attorney general Bill McCollum is investigating the B of A attorneys with the law offices of David Stern in Plantation (Florida […]

Judge ruled Chase committed fraud, GMAC stops foreclosures and evictions in 23 states

This sure is getting very interesting! As more judges refuse to allow lenders to foreclose on homes without the actual NOTE in possession, banks stop foreclosing and some even postpone closings on sales of foreclosed homes. The implications: Fewer foreclosures will be reported, making it look like the economy is improving. Buyers of foreclosed property […]

Florida Supreme Court asked to stop foreclosures by “foreclosure mills”

U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson asked the Florida Supreme Court to stop all foreclosures handled by law firms under investigation for document fraud.  Apparently 3 law firms handle 80% of all Florida foreclosures. Here is the Orlando Sentinel article:

NACA loan modification frenzie

I really don’t know what to say about this. Why can’t this be done over the internet and by phone/fax? Why are people spending what little money they have on travel? How can people make rational decisions in this environment? Desperate homeowners line up for mortgage modification marathon Lannis Waters/Palm Beach Post Homeowners line up […]

Ellen Brown: Homeowners' Rebellion: Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof?

Another outstanding article by Ellen Brown (Web of Debt): Homeowners’ Rebellion: Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof? The financial juggling that helped cause the 2008 crisis may be coming back to haunt banks—and help homeowners. by Ellen Brown posted Aug 18, 2010 Over 62 million mortgages are now held in the name of MERS, an […]