Mortgage “bait and switch” documented

The current published FNMA rate is identical to the 8/20/10 rate, when loan officer Sophia Wong quoted 4.5% for the no point refi.  Now she raised the rate to 4.75%.

I posted a summary of the Provident Bank Mortgage quotes and the corresponding FNMA rates:

BUSTED!!! The FNMA rates did NOT change since the original quote

Provident Bank ignored my request for assistance submitted through their contact form.

Branch Manager Jeffrey Hsiao FAILED to answer our questions about the interest rate.

Instead, he threatened me with legal action for defamation.  I’d like NOTHING more than being sued for defamation because I publish the TRUTH.

This weekend I’ll be posting our correspondence with branch manager Jeffrey Hsiao and some of the emails.  This “bait and switch” is FULLY documented.

I hope my clients will sue Provident.  The judge should make an example out of Provident and have them PAY OFF my clients’ mortgage.

We need some serious PUNITIVE damages to send a message to all loan agents:  Don’t LIE!!!

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