Provident refunded the $400 appraisal fee

We have not heard from Provident or Steve Atwood and we were discussing filing the complaint with regulators and a  lawsuit last week. So my clients sure were surprised to receive a $400 check from Provident on Friday.  Apparently my fax was received and Mr. Atwood just doesn’t have anything to say to me. Provident […]

My fax to Steve Atwood and why mortgages SHOULD be originated by the agencies directly

I’ve been working on this for a MONTH now! And I’m really tired of being ignored.  So this is my last request for my clients’ $900 reimbursement of costs (appraisal and my fee) before recommending that they sue.  The lawsuit should of course include additional  damages for emotional distress and PUNITIVE damages. 10/24/10: my fax […]

Mortgage “bait and switch” documented

The current published FNMA rate is identical to the 8/20/10 rate, when loan officer Sophia Wong quoted 4.5% for the no point refi.  Now she raised the rate to 4.75%. I posted a summary of the Provident Bank Mortgage quotes and the corresponding FNMA rates: BUSTED!!! The FNMA rates did NOT change since the original […]

10/3/10: Notice of publication and request for assistance to Provident Bank

I submitted my request at Notice of publication and request for assistance Please review my post at with the summary of the extraordinary incompetence encountered by my clients. Please let me know ASAP how we can get my clients the interest rate they deserve. Thank you, Christine Baker It is quite strange that […]

Provident Bank mortgage incompetence documented

Yesterday I  spoke with mortgage manager Jeff Hsiao at the Provident Bank branch in City of Industry  after I realized that my clients were about to receive a 3/8% higher rate than they qualify for (Some of my rate research earlier this week). Mr. Hsiau stated that loan agent Sophia Wong was very “generous” to […]