10/1/10: My fax to Jeffrey Hsiao after he hung up on me

10/1/10: Provident Bank Mortgage branch manager Jeffrey Hsiao hung up on me when I asked why they increased my clients’ mortgage rate from 4.5% to 4.75%

My fax to Mr. Hsiao:

Via fax to 626-270-3861 — 1 page including cover

ATTN: Jeff Hsiao
Provident Bank

Re: Notice of Publication & Request for Comments
[borrowers] – Provident Bank Mortgage Lending Incompetence

Dear Mr. Hsiao:

I really don’t appreciate your hanging up on me this morning. Your refusal to communicate with me indicates that my clients have no “problem” and that you were going to fleece them.

Please review my posting at http://liarsandcheats.info/provident-bank-mortgage-lendingincompetence/
2010/10/01/provident-bank-mortgage-incompetence-documented/ for accuracy and let me know of any false statements and assumptions.

Please feel free to email to christine@creditfactors.com.

Christine Baker
c: [borrowers]

As of 10/22/10, I have not received a response.

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