Moronic Focus Receivables dispute faxed to me

I have received several notices from bankruptcy courts regarding infamous collector Focus Receivables accounts.  I’ve been returning them to sender and once I even emailed the consumer’s attorney, but of course he didn’t even bother to respond.

So I’m GUESSING that some moron substituted MY address and fax number for Focus Receivables on the web and people simply copy what they find at the free credit repair sites.  Today I received this faxed dispute addressed to Focus Receivables:  5-21-10-Focus-dispute-pub

Do NOT use CREDITOR and COLLECTOR contact information posted on websites not maintained by the creditor or collector without VERIFYING that it is accurate!

Unfortunately, people also copy the MORONIC sample disputes posted on those same free credit repair sites.   I see them all the time, many of my clients sent these letters and people with NO knowledge about credit and collections are so impressed with those horrible form letters.

  • Collectors do NOT have to provide any agreement evidencing their authority to collect the debt.
  • Collectors do NOT have to provide signed applications to validate debts.  Most debts are NOT incurred after signing an application!

What a collector SHOULD supply depends on the account.  If it’s a phone bill, they should provide statements.   Use COMMON SENSE, not what some moron posted at a free credit repair website.

Do NOT  tell a collector what to provide in the initial dispute.  You’re not their lawyer and it’s really NOT a good idea to pretend to be a lawyer — especially when you OBVIOUSLY have no legal skills.

When you send these MORONIC FORM LETTERS you identify yourself as really clueless.

So send your brief FACTUAL dispute and if you don’t have one, simply advise that you are disputing the account and request deletion from the credit reports (if they report.)

Don’t lecture collectors or ANYONE about the law when you know nothing about it.

And of course don’t send your disputes to me unless you are a client 🙂

I sent a fax requesting info about the source of my fax number to the sender and I hope to be able to get my contact info removed wherever it is incorrectly posted for Focus Receivables.

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