A very nice snail mail from a reader

Yesterday I received this letter:

Dear Christine,

I just finished reading some of your articles on-line.  Thank You So Much for pulling the curtain back on this secretive and sometimes shady industry.  I am in the midst of checking on and cleaning up my own credit history and appreciate all you are doing to keep the “little guy” informed.

Best Wishes

It’s been a long time since I received a hand written letter and I hate to have to admit that I have a really tough time hand writing anything.  I can barely read my own writing, just got so used to the keyboard after so many years of doing all my writing on the computer.

I have many websites, have been online since 1994 and often readers find old posts.   Since the reader didn’t write what he was reading I can’t refer to updates.  Please click on the CONTACT link to send me email and it helps if you include the link to the post or page you saw.

I DO respond to all reader mail.


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