My complaint to the FCC regarding the violation of the Truth In Caller ID Act

Yesterday I submitted my FCC complaint:


I only mentioned the false number with my area code and should probably update with the OTHER non working numbers in the subsequent calls from them.

Penalties for violations of the Truth In Caller ID Act of 2009

The Truth In Caller ID Act of 2009 (pdf) does NOT contain a private right of action like the TCPA and the statue of limitations is only 2 years, but the FCC can impose huge fines. From Even before passage of the Truth In Caller ID Act, FCC rules required telemarketers to pass accurate callerContinue Reading

Septic Savior illegal telemarketing and violations of Truth in Caller ID Act

My SUPER SECRET cell phone has been receiving all sorts of UNSOLICITED marketing calls since I answered a few months ago and was asked to participate in a survey to receive a free cruise.  Instead of a free cruise, I received all sorts of extremely irritating marketing calls on my cell phone.  One  company hasContinue Reading