Septic Savior illegal telemarketing and violations of Truth in Caller ID Act

My SUPER SECRET cell phone has been receiving all sorts of UNSOLICITED marketing calls since I answered a few months ago and was asked to participate in a survey to receive a free cruise.  Instead of a free cruise, I received all sorts of extremely irritating marketing calls on my cell phone.  One  company has called at least 20 times!

A few weeks ago I received a call on my cell phone from my local 928 area code:


“The number can not be completed as dialed”

I answered, thinking it was someone I know, and I got to listen to a sales pitch for Septic Savior.  When I asked the rep Wayne Hanley where they got my number, he told me that they received it from an internet or phone survey or that one of their customers referred me.   As they offered a 30-day free trial, I asked to receive the Septic Savior product, hoping that I would finally be able to track down the thugs with the free cruise who apparently sold my number to all these marketers and scammers.

Notably, I gave Wayne Hanley my landline # as their shipping department would call back “in a few minutes” to confirm my address.  I waited around for a while, but had to leave.  Sure enough, they called while I was on my way to town, AGAIN at my cell phone from:


“No such number before I even finished dialing.”

I really dislike using cell phones and I HATE it while I’m driving.

My cell phone is for EMERGENCIES and it is to be used at MY convenience.  Of course I also PAY for each minute of airtime.

When I got home, I saw that they also called my land line.  The Caller ID:

“DELRAY BCH” 561-404-0263

“We are sorry, your call can not be completed as dialed.”

It took quite a while to receive their package and I even called to find out what was going on (had to leave msg after hours).  They promptly called me back to let me know it was on its way in the UPS truck.

I then emailed president John Thau and asked where he got my cell number.  From Corporate Profile:

John Thau, President – Boasting nearly two decades of expertise and experience in marketing management positions at other septic products manufacturing and distribution companies, Mr. Thau is responsible for daily operations of the company. With a comprehensive knowledge of septic system technology, he provides a vital resource for Septic Savior’s rapidly growing customer base.

 Mr. Thau promptly replied:

Ms Baker we received a internet request that you wanted info on our product with the phone number [redacted — my home phone, so obviously he LIED] -if you did not request this info I apologize .Maybe someone else filled out a request for you? I see you ordered the product on 5-25-12 is that correct?

I then requested more information:

Could you please provide a copy of the request and the IP number associated with the request along with all information provided as I did not make such a request.
And yes, I ordered because I’m determined to find out why my super secret cell phone number all of a sudden gets marketing calls.


Mr. Thau then responded:

Yes it will take me a day or two I will have it to you by friday

On 6/6/12 I replied:

Thanks, I’d also like the URL where the info was submitted.  Once I have that, I can file a police report for identity theft and hopefully somebody will be prosecuted.

I suppose he realized that he’d end up in deep doodoo after I file a police report based on their falsified information and he did not respond.

On 6/11/12 I emailed again:

You promised the information about the alleged submission of my cell phone number by Friday, but I received nothing.

So I did some more research over the weekend.  I called the 928-567-7349 that shows up on my cell phone for the two calls made from your company and it is not a working number.

Septic Savior also made a call to my landline and the caller ID shows:

“DELRAY BCH” from 561-404-0263.  This number also is not a working number and obviously that’s an incorrect business name.

So I conclude that you never intended to provide any information and that you know that you are violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act as well as the Truth in Caller ID Act of  2009.

I promised publication, regulatory complaints and a lawsuit and I intend to keep my promises. I have not heard from Mr. Thau or anyone else.  I made two calls to billing to find out whether I needed an RMA, but both times I was prompted to leave a message after some time on hold.  NOBODY called me back!

I could tell that the initial call was made from a boiler room and they’re obviously very good at calling you while they think you’ll pay the $200 for the 5-year septic treatment supply.

I can’t say anything about the quality of their products because our septic system doesn’t have a problem and I noticed no difference after using the starter tablets.  We’ve been told to put dead rodents in the septic tank.  So we finally have a good place to dispose of dead snakes (shot 3 already this season) and the mice we catch in the gardens.  We used to have to bury them so the dogs didn’t play with them.

I do NOT recommend the Septic Savior products.


Not only is Mr. Thau a liar, but the entire company is running on lies and deceit. 

They KNOW they’re engaging in illegal activities and that’s why they provide the false numbers.  If I hadn’t ordered, they would quite likely claim that they did NOT make these calls and that someone abused their company name.

In my experience, you’re dealing with crooks when a business falsifies its phone numbers and caller ID.

I’ve been VERY busy and I am currently working on a new theme for Liars & Cheats Exposed and this is my test site.  So please excuse if this blog looks messy while I work on it.

I’m sending the URL for this posting to Septic Savior President John Thau, I will update with his response and if I don’t hear from him, my next post will be about the LAW and the private right of action to recover a MINIMUM of $500 per violation with treble damages for “willful and knowing” violations as in this case.

Of all the marketing calls I got, Septic Savior has by far the most sophisticated telephone system.

Nobody else spoofed their caller ID to my area code to get me to answer.  And it sure worked.

Of course I’ll also post my complaint with the FCC and possibly other regulators.  The FCC can fine them $11,000 PER CALL!

Ideally, Septic Savior would settle my claims and tell me where they really got my number.  I’d like to get to the thugs who placed the initial “survey” call and Septic Savior could hold THEM liable for the settlement with me.  Stay tuned …

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