Stephen Snyder divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure and multiple collection suits

A reader submitted some info on litigation against Stephen Snyder, his After Bankruptcy Foundation and Bellwether, Bobby Snyder (who’s that?), his (soon to be ex?) wife Michele Snyder and various LLCs (limited liability companies).

I looked up the cases at and I searched for “Snyder, Stephen”:

Search By: Party   Exact Name: on   Party Search Mode: Name   Last Name: Snyder   First Name: Stephen   Case Status: All   Sort By: Filed Date

Case Number Style Filed/Location Type/Status
49K07-9712-SC-07143 Spectrum Press, Inc -vs- Snyder, Stephen
Washington Township
SC – Small Claims
29D02-0012-CP-000923 Integrated Home Technologies vs. Stephen B Snyder
Hamilton Superior Court 2
CP – Civil Plenary
29D03-0104-CP-000276 Hamilton Co Proper Community vs. Stephen Snyder
Hamilton Superior Court 3
CP – Civil Plenary
29D03-0312-PL-001103 Sue Miller Wiltz vs. Bellwether Inc
Hamilton Superior Court 3
PL – Civil Plenary
29C01-0502-CB-001018 Indiana Department of Revenue v. Snyder, Stephen
Hamilton Circuit Courts
CB – Tax Warrants
29D03-0606-DR-000509 In Re. the Marriage of Michele Snyder and Stephen Snyder
Hamilton Superior Court 3
DR – Domestic Relation
29D03-0708-DR-000964 In Re. the Marriage of Michele Snyder and Stephen Snyder
Hamilton Superior Court 3
DR – Domestic Relation
53C08-0709-SC-04442 IUCU V SNYDER
Monroe Circuit Court 8
SC – Small Claims
48D02-0802-CC-000231 Star Financial Bank vs. Bobbie L Snyder
Madison Superior Court 2
CC – Civil Collection
48D02-0804-CC-000455 Daimlerchrysler Financial Services Americas Llc vs. Bobbie L Snyder
Madison Superior Court 2
CC – Civil Collection
29D01-0805-CT-000544 Keybank National Association vs. Bellwether Inc
Hamilton Superior Court 1
CT – Civil Tort
29C01-0903-CC-000522 Key Equipment Finance Inc vs. Bellwether Inc
Hamilton Circuit Courts
CC – Civil Collection
29D01-0905-MF-000588 Wachovia Commercial Mortgage vs. Stephen B Snyder
Hamilton Superior Court 1
MF – Mortgage Foreclosure
29D01-0910-PL-001389 Sovereign Bank vs. Bellwether Inc,Stephen Snyder
Hamilton Superior Court 1
PL – Civil Plenary
29D04-0912-CC-002854 Law Office Of Jeffries Saltz PC vs. Bellwether, Inc.,After Bankruptcy Foundation Inc,Stephen Snyder
Hamilton Superior Court 4
CC – Civil Collection
29D04-1003-PL-000681 American Express Bank FSB vs. Stephen Snyder,Bellwether Inc
Hamilton Superior Court 4
PL – Civil Plenary
29D03-1008-CC-001054 Fifth Third Bank vs. Stephen Snyder,Michele Snyder
Hamilton Superior Court 3
CC – Civil Collection
29D03-1010-CC-001411 Citibank (South Dakota) NA vs. Stephen Snyder
Hamilton Superior Court 3
CC – Civil Collection

I just spent a couple hours reading the dockets for these lawsuits.

For the record, I do NOT have a problem with Snyder not paying the banks.

There are about $1,000,000 in judgments against Stephen Snyder and his companies and relatives. And that’s just in Indiana courts.  There are likely more suits in other states and in federal court, one suit was removed and I don’t know what happened.

However, I DO have a problem with Snyder continuing to mislead people at his After Bankruptcy seminars.

And I DO have a problem with Snyder wasting money he doesn’t even have on lawyers to harass people like me who publish the TRUTH about him.  Snyder actually paid a lawyer to demand that I remove “credit after bankruptcy” from my website because he thinks he owns these words now.  Is he insane?

I should check his legal threats to see if the Law Office of Jeffries Saltz PC was involved — it is now suing Snyder, apparently for non payment.

For the PENDING litigation we don’t know how much he owes.  I’m going to get his bankruptcy filing (the second, or third?) and post that next.

I’ve now had two clients who followed his crazy advice and one got suckered into signing up with Allen Michael credit repair.

Allen Michael is apparently Snyder’s new credit repair mill, successor to Bradley Ross after the State Bar was about to disbar the attorney he had hired to run Bradley Ross for him.

I also have a problem with Snyder not disclosing his ownership and/or kickbacks he receives from companies he recommends at his seminars.

Just like Bradley Ross, Allen Michael credit repair is not just worthless, but they might seriously damage their customers’ credit rating — PERMANENTLY.

Often the credit repair damages can NOT be undone.

Stay away from Allen Michael, Lexington Law and ALL the credit repair mills. Quite likely, their FRIVOLOUS disputes will make your credit worse and cause the credit bureaus to mark your account as “credit repair.”

Lexington and Bradley Ross Law credit repair fraud EXPOSED!

These credit repair mills give the credit bureaus a LEGAL excuse to ignore your disputes and to report INCORRECT data.

Don’t do it.

UPDATED 7/16/11:

Since a reader posted about links not working, I did a quick search and here are the NEW suits:

You have to do your OWN search as described above for the links to work.

27 Responses to Stephen Snyder divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure and multiple collection suits
  1. Ricardo Lugo
    March 8, 2011 | 4:52 pm


    I bought the book, attended the seminar in No. CA in the late 1990s, signed up with it’s sponsors waiting behind desks to sign up clients after the seminar. The seminar never disclosed Mr. Snyder would not be attending personally as the seminar was pre-recorded. One of his sponsors was a local auto dealership that did not follow through with any of the protocols claimed in Mr. Snyder’s seminar despite my so-called new-found knowledge of auto FICO scores and “A through E” interest rating scales. The law firm sporsoring his seminar also made claims they would repair your credit rating which in my case after initial fee payments and monthly auto withdrawal fees were established did not evolve after a year of membership. It took a well written letter indicating a report to my state attorney general’s office and a BBB complaint filing of the law firm’s actions to receive a refund of fees for services not rendered. I’d like to point out this seminar was brought to our attention through a post card mailer typically. I responded and contined to receive others but what I despised most was the arrogance of Mr. Snyder’s aggressive marketing techniques after my failed attempts for a response from the Snyder camp expressing in specific detail of his instruction given at his seminar for credit card acquisition, auto loans, home loan and repair credit rating services all referred to by Mr. Snyder. Mr. Snyder not only did not respond but sent seminar notices addressed specifically in my wife’s name which lead me to believe Mr. Snyder or his clan staffers read my correspondence. This type of marketing strategy gave me the lasting impression of a scallywag hiding behind the persona of a God fearing person at the expense of the most vulnerable of citizens; the bankrupted, frustrated people trying to gain knowledge in making better life decisions for a better life. It is my experience Mr. Snyder’s book is inaccurate.

  2. Vickie Saylor
    July 7, 2011 | 9:39 pm

    My husband and I filed bankruptcy 4 years ago and of course, we attended one of his internet seminars and I really at the time learned a lot. I think Snyder has a lot of good information, but he also scammed us. He put together a program called Bankruptcy Advisors, where we would purchase a territory and after someone filed for bankruptcy would come to us locally to watch his seminars and get personal advice because we had been through it. 2 years ago, I gave Snyder $2000 to “buy” this territory and his program never got off the ground…he kept putting all 100+ of us off. Keep in mind, I purchased a mid-line advisor and there were others that got the top of the line advisor and paid $5000. There were even others that purchased more than one advisorship, and spent upwards of 7-10K. He would hold weekly conference calls, and they eventually tapered off to nothing. I have demanded my money back several times but I know I will never see it again, They have to put my territory “up for sale”. My husband is disabled and unable to work. We really thought this would be a way to help others while making money ourselves legally…boy were we wrong

  3. Vickie Saylor
    July 7, 2011 | 9:40 pm

    I wish there was a class action lawsuit so we could maybe get some if not all of our money back

  4. AJ
    July 16, 2011 | 10:58 pm

    Most of the links to the cases are broken or don’t open.

  5. Christine
    July 16, 2011 | 11:33 pm

    You have to do YOUR search as described in my post to get the details on the cases.

    I just updated with the most recent lawsuits and please keep in mind that this is only ONE STATE court! There could be many more lawsuits in other states (where the consumers who were defrauded live) and in FEDERAL court.

    I think chances of getting Snyder to pay anyone are very small unless FRAUD is proven. Bankruptcy will not include dismissal of claims due to FRAUD.

    I think he should be prosecuted for FRAUD, but it’s unlikely that governments will pursue fraudsters and scammers as long as they have front yard gardeners to terrorize:

    Take a step back, ignore your desire for a refund and look at the BIG picture.

    Realize that we get exactly what we deserve. If this was some “developing” country, I could come up with excuses such as lack of education, internet access, etc.

    You live in the “greatest country on the planet” (as so many Americans proclaim) and most people act as if they just crawled out of a cave. I’ve documented the Snyder scams for many years. Anyone could read my documentaries entirely free of charge.

    It’s your greed AND laziness that enables REPEAT scammers like Snyder to scam again and again.

    And now you can be angry at me for insulting you or you can get a grip on reality and learn how to survive in 21st century America without continually getting scammed. Throw away your TV and start educating yourself. Start with watching — if you haven’t seen this 3 hour FREE documentary you probably live in ignorance.

    Unlike Stephen Snyder, I don’t have magic bullets.

    Avoiding scams is hard work, takes a lot of time and I agree that we could have better uses for our time than to spend HOURS researching the web every time we want to purchase something.

    But that’s just how it is.

  6. JPO
    July 24, 2011 | 12:09 pm

    I hear you Vickie. We got scammed on the JPO rip-off which was a Junior Partner or a BKA-lite.

    We’ve been trying to figure out how to get the names of other BKAs and JPOs to compare notes and figure out a group strategy. I have saved all the agreements, emails, etc.

    I am soooo tired of Stephen’s flip responses to my requests that he do the right thing.

    If you want to share notes, I’ll set up an email account that can’t be traced and post it here.

    Let me know

    • Timothy
      February 7, 2012 | 1:35 pm

      I was a junior partner. I will do whatever you need me to do for justice.

      • Mike
        February 13, 2012 | 6:10 pm

        I too was (am) a junior partner. and he is at it again (just received a letter demanding status update). I will help in any way I can

  7. BKA
    July 25, 2011 | 1:29 am

    You can get the names of other BKAs and JPOs from the Testimonials section of ABF and try to find their contact information searching Internet.

  8. JPO
    July 25, 2011 | 9:26 am

    Tried that BKA but unfortunately the bulk of the testimonials are 1st name only……probably not by accident

  9. Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer
    September 9, 2011 | 2:41 am

    Life after bankruptcy is an interesting issue. Most of our clients are Reinherz Law welcome the fresh start that bankruptcy provides them. Typically new credit is offered since the former obligations are cleansed and it is just a matter of steadily paying new bills on time to rebuild.

    September 16, 2011 | 10:38 am

    Hi: I am part of the STephen Snyder(SS) BK Advisor Program and signed up for a Master Parter License and this was in Mar/Apr 2009. It’s now 2011 and he still has done NOTHING to provide us licensed business parthers and there were about 100+ initally. I’m sure that number had dwindled due to his inability to LAUNCH the program. If you signed up and just as frustrated as I. I started phone calls on Monday nights, email me at [redacted] if you’d like to join. I have also filed a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General’s office and you should too. They are in the process of taking to SS’s attorney’s and my hope and goal is for all BKA & JR Partners to get ALL their money back. I know this is a lofty goal, but where there’s a will, there’s a way and I’m not giving up.

  11. In The Know
    October 10, 2011 | 3:09 pm

    I would recommend you call the office of Allen Michael or AMPG (Allen Michael Publishing Group) Allen Michael was ran by his cousin, I am not sure if she still runs it. The compnay AMPG is the compnay that has the small group of employees. If you call it and Ask for Michele Snyder they will send you to her voice mail (in the same office suite @ Allen Michael. What is really messed up is one of the judgments against them is a printing company his brother works for. Wow imagine screwing over your only flesh and blood. Call the Indiana Attorney General and get the to investigate the company with all the information i have shared wont take long to put all these pieces together like i did.

  12. Former Employee
    November 30, 2011 | 10:32 pm

    In the Know seems to know what they are talking about…from the inside, kind of like something like I was going to say as a former employee. This company is family run and he “screws” over his own family too. As they said Bradly Ross Law or Allen Michael as it is called now is ran by his cousin Michelle and his brother used to be the Vice President of his seminars and works for the paper company that filed a judgement against him. Also, did you know Stephen isn’t even his real name??? He changed it to Stephen after he filed his first bankruptcy for a “fresh start”. Imagine that. There were a lot of shady practices going on that you found out on the inside and than after I stopped working there my husband and I filed bankruptcy and low and behold we got a postcard in the mail inviting us to a seminar.

    • Carol
      June 29, 2012 | 5:14 pm

      His cousin who runs it is Lisa Phillips from Goshen, IN. His exwife was Michele.

  13. JPO
    December 2, 2011 | 12:30 pm

    Thanks for the input Former Employee.

    But just wait, I’ll bet that low-life will try to sell you my WORTHLESS JPO territory.

    I hear Stevo is on the road again trying to revive his worthless seminars. Anybody have any details on when and where he’s holding them in Miami, Phoenix or California. I’m sure some of his BKAs and JPOs would love to know so they can be sure to show up and give him a “warm” welcome back.

    • atlantaman
      December 6, 2011 | 12:51 pm

      Thanks for all your input on this thug… He will be putting on a show in Norcross Georgia Sat. December 17 2011… Love to see some of you that were scammed show up and speak your peace.

  14. Christine
    December 12, 2011 | 10:42 am

    BS is an understatement and Allen Michael is the kiss of death to credit scores. You’re better off doing NOTHING as it is quite likely that they will dispute VALUABLE negative accounts off your credit reports and the credit bureaus will tag you as FRIVOLOUS disputer and when you have a REAL problem they often refuse to investigate.

    And of course you don’t need to pay someone to make you look like you’re stupid. You can do this yourself by copying the hilarious Bradley Ross credit disputes.

    Bradley Ross was Stephen Snyder’s previous credit repair company, shut down by the State Bar as Snyder had hired an attorney so he could claim that they were a law firm, but the lawyer actually never worked on credit reports.

    And I have about 200 Bradley Ross complaints that were posted on the web, but Snyder had my web host remove it for “copyright infringement”. I should find that page and put it back up.

    So if your bk has been discharged at least a few months ago and you really need credit, order your myFICO reports. If your scores are BELOW 620, you probably have a problem. If it’s been a year, your scores should be over 650.

    And of course re-establish credit, that’s a must. Info on getting pre-approved for credit cards without score lowering hard inquiries.

    Since a major class action a few years ago creditors and credit bureaus have become MUCH better at correctly reporting discharged accounts and CORRECTLY reported discharged accounts are NOT a problem — do NOT dispute them!

    Many of my clients and CreditFactors members have 700+ scores one year after bk WITH their discharged accounts and WITHOUT a single dispute.

    I will post a FREE page on credit scores and bankruptcy AFTER Stephen Snyder published his new books. You won’t need to buy any book at all — a few pages cover everything you need to know.

  15. shelly
    January 19, 2012 | 1:13 pm

    Isn’t his brothers name Michael Allen Snyder?

    • Carol
      June 29, 2012 | 5:23 pm

      Name Bradley Ross came from 2 different family members. Bradley being Stephen. Probably same with Allen Michael.

  16. Linda
    January 24, 2012 | 3:00 pm

    SS is a liar and cheat. Being a JP and waiting almost 2 years to start this business venture- He is beyond dishonest yet I just received a letter from The Indiana Attorney General advising me that they have closed my case – I guess we are all out the money we paid to be part of this venture.

  17. Marc Ross
    March 24, 2012 | 2:52 am

    Although I was wary enough of Stephen Snyder’s way of operating, so I did not sign up for the junior partner deal what ended up being a scam. I am not surprised though. The guy just looks after himself. My experiences were minor in comparison with things like this scam. Nonetheless they indicated to me his attitude toward people and making money, his making money. I purchased two products from him on separate occasions that were misrepresented when they were advertised. When I pointed this out in emails to Stephen and then to one of his revolving staffers, after I had purchased them, I was ignored. This was for amounts like $15 to $30, which in themselves aren’t very much. But the lack of concern for his customers and his willingness to alienate a customer over such a little amount, let me know finally where his head and priorities are. I made several attempts at contacting him or his staff and was completely ignored each time. I then realized tht feel my suspicions over several years were correct.
    I finally just stopped having anything to do with him and any of his arrangements and schemes.

  18. Regina
    July 24, 2012 | 9:26 am

    He’s a scammer, no doubt about it. Any reasonably intelligent person could tell from his seminar (which I attended back in 2003) that he was getting endorsement money–from Bradley Ross to Ford Motor Credit (who he said had a special program for those with poor credit scores) to The problem is, the folks that attended the seminar I went to were **not** reasonably intelligent–they were the poor, the disenfranchised, the kind of folks who don’t normally read the small print. BTW SS eventually stopped endorsing all three programs–most likely over litigation, false advertising, or over money. He even looks like he spends what $$ he has on plastic surgery for himself. I doubt any of the photos of him on the website are recent. The other thing that behooves me is that he spent a lot of time in the (video) seminar talking about God and spirituality–about reevaluating priorities and having a moral compass. It looks like SS has failed to do the same for himself–how can an expert on bankruptcy, who preaches about credit repair and financial recovery and moral compasses–not heed his own expert advice and go into bankruptcy again? He is a gambler of sorts with a real addiction to money and status (vacation homes, etc.) and to screwing people over with the small print. The law will catch up with him some day.

    • Christine
      July 24, 2012 | 11:05 am

      Regina, he OWNED Bradley Ross, so he didn’t just get a commission, but he got it all. I did not know that he talks about spirituality and morality — something he is clearly lacking.

      You obviously have a well developed BS detector. I wouldn’t say that the people who fall for him are less intelligent, probably less educated and more gullible. When the Bar Association went after his Bradley Ross, they disciplined or disbarred the lawyer he had hired, but nobody ever went after Snyder. Some of the BK Advisors and JPOs he scammed complained with the Indiana AG, but he didn’t care. It is very sad to see regulators do NOTHING and allow scammers of all sorts to deceive and defraud.

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