The Stephen Snyder Bankruptcy Advisor and Junior Partner Scam

I recently learned about Stephen Snyder’s “business opportunities”, his Bankruptcy Advisor and Junior Partner program.

It looks like Stephen couldn’t make ends meet after his Bradley Ross credit repair company got shut down when the State Bar sued the lawyer he had hired to “run” the law firm.  According to the depositions, the lawyer did next to nothing for Bradley Ross and essentially got paid for allowing Stephen to use his name.

With his cash cow out of business, his new Allen Michael repair firm not doing too well, his wife filing for divorce, creditors suing him and his lender foreclosing on his mansion, Stephen needed CASH.

Apparently Stephen was no longer able to get HUGE CHECKS from the companies who used to sponsor his seminars (Ford Motor, GM, etc.) and he relied on his mailing list subscribers.

Once again Stephen deceived his bankruptcy seminar attendees.  Stephen divided the country into “territories” that he sold to Bankruptcy Advisors for thousands of dollars.

The “business opportunity”:  Sell Stephen’s yet to be written “after bankruptcy”  books.

Apparently there was not enough interest in this expensive “opportunity” and Stephen created the Junior Partner program over a year ago.  JPs didn’t need a lot of cash upfront and Stephen accepted monthly payments.

As Stephen has yet to deliver any product for the JPs or Bankruptcy Advisors to sell, some demanded REFUNDS.  However, Stephen has the audacity to REFUSE refunds.  He demanded that the JPs sell their “territories” to others.

Stephen clearly breached the contract.

He is liable for a full refund and possibly attorneys fees.  But the problem with a lawsuit is that he is probably judgment proof.  We will be looking for hidden assets and research his most recent bankruptcy, but chances are that he has no funds.

Just a couple of days ago he sent out an email to all investors, promising the goods after the holidays.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?  And why on earth would you want to PAY for the privilege to sell his books?  Why doesn’t Stephen sell the books directly?

I’d say it’s because he needs YOUR cash to live on.

So I created two new pages:

Stephen Snyder’s Junior Partner scam documented

— the contract, the certificate and what the investors did NOT get.

Stephen Snyder, JPO and Bk Advisor complaints

— submit your complaints, describe what happened and you might even get a few dollars back.

If nothing else, you’ll spread the word and at least you’ll know that YOU did the right thing.

One Response to The Stephen Snyder Bankruptcy Advisor and Junior Partner Scam
    December 2, 2011 | 11:12 am

    Hi: I understand Stephen is having a seminar in Phoenix this weekend, so if anyone has the location of the seminar (which he didnt tell his licensed partners) PLEASE PLEASE post it here, so we can attend. There is also one in Las Vegas we believe on 12/10, so if you have this location information again PLEASE PLEASE post it. Thanks, A Master Partner

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