The Allen Michael credit repair scam continues

You can be one of 200 suckers who can have their credit ruined and FICO scores seriously LOWERED by paying Allen Michael only $39/month.

What a DEAL!

Who wouldn’t want to be portrayed to the credit bureaus as frivolous disputer and/or nutcase and damage their credit rating for only $468/year?

It’s tough to pass up such a phenomenal opportunity!

For more info on Stephen Snyder’s credit repair scams and copies of the letters, please see Update: Stephen Snyder’s new Allen Michael credit repair, The scam continues

My questions to Snyder:

What exactly is your relationship with Allen Michael and how much do you get paid for every signup?
Remember, to date Stephen Snyder denies having owned Bradley Ross Law (shut down by the Bar).
Here is the Snyder email about this “unbelievable deal:”

From: Stephen Snyder <>
To: [redacted]

Thu, Aug 23, 2012 21:10:49 GMT+00:00
Allen Michael lowers price to $39

Hey John,

Here’s the surprise…

To show their support for my decision not to retire this year, Allen Michael has done something they have never done before.

They’ve lowered their price!

So if you couldn’t afford their $80 a month price tag before…or even the seminar discount price of $59…try this on for size…

They’re offering the special price of just $39 a month for their complete services to the first 200 of my readers who sign up.

Can you believe that?

I can’t.

They’ve been so strict on their discount policy in the past…only allowing someone who attended the seminar to get the discount of $59 a month.

But now, for a limited time, you pay only $39 a month for the same service others pay $80 a month for.

And all you need to do is click this link…

So if affordability has been holding you back from getting deletions—you should JUMP on this.

Credit report repair will never be this inexpensive again.

And if you were with Allen Michael before, but you stopped to give things a rest…now is the time to give them another chance.

What makes things different this time?

In addition to the unbelievable price, they have also agreed to HAND WRITE the letters for each of the 200 clients that sign up.

You read that right.

If you participated in my Mail These Letters and Get Deletions series, or the Crazy Nutcase Letters series, you learned one of the secrets to getting deletions is to hand write your dispute letters.

Handwritten dispute letters are a BIG deal, because it takes an extra 20 to 30 minutes per letter.

To be one of the 200 who get this unbelievable deal, go to…

It’s a steal.

Keep smiling,


: )

Anyone with even a barely functioning BS detector doesn’t need to read my sites to realize that this is a scam. I don’t know whether it’s the fluoride in the water or the endless hours people spend being “programmed” by their TVs, but there are definitely way too many people who fall for this fraud.

Why are so many people so gullible?

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  1. Dee
    September 6, 2012 | 4:03 am

    Christine can you send me a private email, i think i could help update you on where things stand.

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