100 suckers needed for another Stephen Snyder credit repair scam

For only $117 you can be a sucker too!

Stephen Snyder is at it again.  This time you can gift him $117 to be one of 100 suckers who get to listen to him tell you the BIG SECRETS about credit repair that he couldn’t tell you before because he was under a confidentiality agreement.

How To Fix Your Credit Yourself

(without an attorney)

He already did this “course” 18 month ago.  So the alleged (I don’t believe it for a second) confidentiality agreement must have been signed many years ago.  Not only do I not believe that the confidentiality agreement ever existed, but credit reporting changes DAILY, so what good would that old info do?

It is very telling that YOU have to sign a confidentiality agreement when you sign up for the course.  The reason is NOT to keep you from telling the world his “inside” info, but to keep you from COMPLAINING about his fraud.  You won’t be able to post his advice on the web for peer review.

He might get THOUSANDS of suckers to sign up as I’m convinced that he’s not going to limit signups to 100.

I listened to his pitch and I was wondering, why don’t I do this?  But of course I can’t because there is no such thing as credit bureaus sorting disputes into “piles” and a special “A pile” that’s processed properly.   It simply does not exist. It is completely irrelevant how you word your disputes as long as the disputes are coherent and from you and not from a credit repair company.  Of course FACTUAL disputes get much better results.

The ONLY way to become “special” to the credit bureaus is to sue them.   As long time readers know, that’s not exactly desirable as you won’t get online reports anymore, but they will delete or correct false info.

So Snyder pitches his techniques to get into the “A pile” but then there is the lesson on  “Who to write to if the credit bureaus completely ignore you.”   It rarely happens that a credit bureau ignores dispute unless they were previously verified or appeared to come from a credit repair company.

Lastly, not a word about the Junior Partners and BKAs.  Stephen Snyder sure knows how to defraud people!

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