From the BK Advisor and Junior Partner scams on to the next “income stream”

A reader recently sent me this email:

I left my name on SS’s email lists to see what he’d be up to; lo and
behold in 2014, he’s starting a new program which appears very similar
to the JP scam(of which I was unfortunately a victim)

See copy of letter I received below:


Are you ready to earn extra bucks by sharing the credit scoring knowledge I’ve given you over the years?

There are small groups of people near you who need to know how the credit system works, and how to improve their FICO scores.

I got my start by teaching a class for Indiana University’s Continuing Ed Program in Indianapolis years ago.

And there are many other places that need this same information like…

Real estate offices
Home lenders
Credit unions
Wealthy client groups at banks
Chambers of commerce
Women’s groups
Fraternal organizations (e.g., Rotary, Lions, Elks, Masons)
Other small organizations
And yes…college and university continuing ed programs

These types of organizations are eagerly looking for good content to share with their customers, members, or employees. Let me be clear, this IS NOT public speaking.

I would give you the presentation.

All you do is press PLAY.

(Okay…maybe you welcome your audience, introduce yourself and then
press play.)

Then again, someone else could do that too.

You get the idea…the presentation does the heavy lifting.

When the 60-minute presentation ends, you thank them for watching,
answer their questions (if you desire), and offer attendees a handout
to get more information.

The “more information” could be one of my products.

I would license the product to you, which would give you yet another
income stream.

So you’d get paid twice…once to “press play,” and second—you’re
paid on the spot when someone purchases a product.

And if that wasn’t enough…what if I made it easy for you to afford
(and participate) by breaking the cost into small monthly payments?

If this interests you, let me know by going here…

Tomorrow I’ll open the doors and share more details.


Stephen “I Can Press Play” Snyder

I’m sure Stephen “I Can Press Play” Snyder will find some more suckers who’ll round up more suckers to buy his products.

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