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For over 15 years I exposed and DOCUMENTED bank fraud, wrongful foreclosures, penny stock frauds, debt elimination and credit repair scams and most of all, systemic credit reporting problems and FICO credit scoring bugs.

However,  we are NOT independently wealthy and we have been very busy building our home in the AZ high desert and working in our organic gardens, planting trees and becoming self-sufficient.

While readers frequently request my assistance and I'd LOVE to help everybody, I simply do not have the time and resources to do so.

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Liars and Cheats EXPOSED runs on the FREE WordPress software and web hosting is donated by CreditFactors.  However, I pay for plugins, themes and occasionally technical assistance. We'd like to add a forum and additional functionality.

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DONATE $50 to Liars & Cheats EXPOSED and receive a FREE 6-months CreditFactors subscription!

(Donate $80 and receive a 1-year CreditFactors subscription)


Or send a check or money order to:

Christine Baker
3880 Stockton Hill Rd. 103-156
Kingman, AZ 86409

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I work on projects supported by our readers.

Since 1/08 I spent literally many hundreds of hours exposing the FDRS debt elimination scam (read the damage reports). Sadly, none of the many victims are taking any action to MAKE former California AG and now governor Jerry Brown investigate this huge fraud.

That people like FDRS owner Mark Cella defraud the most vulnerable is deplorable.  But I don't have the words to describe Jerry Brown's refusal to arrest Cella and to recover what is left of the multi million dollar loot.

My Open Letter to AG Brown did not receive a substantive response.

Criminals are allowed to defraud with IMPUNITY, essentially with the permission of AG Brown -- despite the MANY complaints he received and the documentation posted at my websites.

I'm not aware of ANY efforts by the victims to bring media attention to AG Brown's misconduct.

Nobody sent donations for a national press release or for us to promote the true cause of ALL our economic and crime problems:

  • Crime pays
  • Most regulators are corrupt and refuse to enforce the law.

My post at the FRDS blog It's time for YOU to take action has been ignored.

We're only two people and we do all we can.

What are YOU doing to stop this insanity?


I've never understood why so few non profits disclose their finances.  While Liars and Cheats EXPOSED is not (yet?) a non profit organization, we will post all donations received to ensure 100% transparency.

Incorporate as a non profit organization?

If others are willing to serve as unpaid directors and to donate the DOLLARS required for the non profit filing and publication, that's a possibility.

We could even start a credit union,  buying club and take other actions to create a more honest and fair environment.

YOU determine what we do.


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11/30/11: $8.41 ($.59 fee) - Nelson & Kennard default judgment, no service, wrong person

9/13/11:  $80 ($2.62 PayPal fee) - General

8/27/11: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - After bankruptcy credit reporting

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6/2/11: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - Debt collection

6/1/11: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - Credit reporting

5/12/11:  $80 ($2.62 PayPal fee) - Debt buyer litigation

4/25/11: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - General

4/2/11:  $80 ($2.62 PayPal fee) - Debt collection and litigation

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3/3/11: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - General

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1/29/11: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - Debt collection and credit reporting

1/23/11:  $80 ($2.62 PayPal fee) - Debt collection and credit reporting

1/12/11: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - Exposing collection lawyers

1/3/11:  $75 ($2.48 PayPal fee) - Banking and collections

12/27/10: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - Dealing with debt buyers

12/23/10: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - General

11/30/10: $150 ($4.65 PayPal fee) - After bankruptcy credit reporting

11/15/10: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - General

11/10/10: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - Exposing debt buyers

9/22/10: $190 ($5.81 PayPal fee) - Exposing Citi Bank and its debt collection attorneys

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2/21/10: $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - FDRS/Litigation

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1/29/10:  $100  ($3.20 PayPal fee)  -  Credit reporting

1/21/10:   $50 ($1.75 PayPal fee) - BBVA Compass, banking

12/24/09:  $50  ($1.75 PayPal fee)  - FDRS