Updated July 2, 2012

After what seems like a lifetime of litigation against credit bureaus, Fair Isaac, creditors, collectors, regulators and scammers of all sorts, I know that most judges and lawyers are as corrupt as any politician. The banks CREATE money out of thin air and the bankers own most nations.

Too many Americans still BELIEVE in their party and representation by the politicians they elect.   They refuse to accept that they're being played like little kids or should I say trained like rats?

Most people go to work, watch TV, pay their taxes and never think about the REASONS for their financial problems and the widespread corruption.

Since 1994 I documented through my client work systemic credit reporting problems and that myFICO's (formerly Fair Isaac) FICO credit scores are based on buggy software.   Since 2001 I have published my litigation against credit bureaus, myFICO, creditors, collectors, junk faxers and all sorts of scammers.

The mainstream media ignored me and I watched the finance industry and regulators CREATE the credit crisis.   I wrote about the fraud, the lies and the credit reporting problems, but the industry and the regulators could not possibly have cared less. My submissions to the FTC and FRB were read by over 100,000 consumers,  but the regulators IGNORED them entirely.

I decided to quit.

I've been building my home in the Arizona high desert and I've learned a lot about building with adobe, growing food and living off the grid.

However, as much as I'd like to stop paying for my server and DSL, I still can't stop caring.  I know that I can't change the world, but I CAN change a few lives.   If just a few people finally get a clue, realize that they're on the fast track to nowhere and quit the rat race, it's worth the effort.

I was sued TWICE for defamation in 2009 and the devastating litigation greatly motivated me to start Liars and Cheats EXPOSED in January 2010.

Liars and Cheats EXPOSED is my effort to organize my litigation, projects and disputes by BLOG.

I'm using the WordPress multisite software and readers can subscribe to each blog they're interested in.

I rarely sit at the computer 14 - 16 hours a day as so often happened until I got serious about farming in the desert (see my permaculture blog for more info), but I'll still make an effort to document some of the MANY injustices my clients and I encounter and of course I'll investigate issues supported by donations.

Readers are also welcome to DOCUMENT their problems in their own Liars and Cheats EXPOSED blogs.

Liars and Cheats EXPOSED is not a complaint site where you are limited to submitting a rant, but you can and SHOULD post documentation to substantiate your allegations.  If you're interested, please contact me.

Christine Baker

Just a FEW of my many investigations, documentaries and websites

Provident Bank Mortgage INCOMPETENCE -- Loan agent Sophia Wong quoted a 4.5% rate for the no point, cash-out refi with a middle FICO scores between 720 and 739.  Sophia's recommendations to increase FICO scores caused the scores to go DOWN.  But while the borrowers' middle scores were still above 720, she raised the rate to 4.75%.  The FNMA rates had NOT increased.  Branch manager Jeffrey Hsiao FAILED to answer our questions about the interest rate.

I obtained rate quotes from several brokers, assisted my clients with moving the loan to another broker and they were approved and locked at 4.375% with no points and no impounds.

The Provident Bank legal department finally refunded the appraisal fee.

1995 TransAmerica Error -- TransAmerica defrauded a widow out of $15,000, she ended up in foreclosure and the "consumer" attorneys wanted $2,000 to send ONE letter to TransAmerica.

Eventually I got her the $15K credit, but it was too late to sell the property then.  I got nothing for hundreds of hours of work and the California Department of Corporations decided that it was just fine that TransAmerica eventually refunded the $15K.

1997 FNMA Fraud -- Cindi had already lost her home in foreclosure when she contacted me.  Cindi was a bright single mom and an accountant and her spreadsheets were so convincing, I drove to So Cal to personally review every one of her ORIGINAL money order receipts.

Cindi had made her mortgage payments to her bankruptcy attorney. Unfortunately, the attorney (like so many), was totally incompetent.

Cindi had borrowed $5,000 to pay an attorney.  I spoke with him and he was too stupid to understand the accounting.

We went to the San Bernardino superior court where judge Wade had ruled in favor of FNMA.  The usual accounting fraud and false sworn affidavits got FNMA what they wanted:  profits without any regard for the truth and human lives.

Cindi contacted regulators and politicians, nobody could have cared less. We posted in a San Francisco Bay Area consumer newsgroup and it was devastating to see posts claiming that Cindi had her chance to prove her case in court and that she should just put up and shut up.

Cindi  became suicidal and fortunately could stay with her parents.  Years later, she posted that she did get her house back. I was determined to never again work with people in foreclosure.  The financial and emotional toll are too devastating.

2002: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. and the Buckley Firm conspired to defraud Lynette and her family out of her home -- Lynette had made her payments for her Wells Fargo mortgage at the bank's branch and she paid cash.  The payments were NOT credited to her mortgage and Wells Fargo started foreclosing.

Lynette had some, but not all of her receipts for the mortgage payments.  Eventually, after hundreds of hours of unpaid work, Wells Fargo credited the payments for which we had receipts and it modified the loan.

Lynette's life was destroyed due to the resulting divorce and severe depression.  Every few years Lynette writes to me.  She is NOT ok. Her family was destroyed by Wells Fargo.

To my knowledge, there was never an investigation or explanation for the "disappearing" mortgage payments.

Doctor Tameira Hollander frivolous defamation suit -- doctor Tameira Hollander and her attorney Irving Johnson  sued me to have all REFERENCES to her deleted.

After having entire sites ordered shut down for 6 months and prohibiting me from publicizing this case, judge Gerald Rafferty in the CO Arapahoe district court found that I enjoyed immunity for the link I had posted to doctor Tameira Hollander's patient's site.

Doctor Tameira Hollander's harassment suit and her attorney's mafia tactics greatly motivated me to start Liars and Cheats EXPOSED.  I may not prevail in court due to the courts' prejudice against pro se litigants and because I don't have the legal knowledge, resources, time and cash required to find justice in America, but the PEOPLE need to know how corrupt attorneys and judges are.

FDRS Scam Exposed -- A CLASSIC fraud, set up by Mark Cella to collect THOUSANDS of dollars from consumers overwhelmed with debt and according to former FDRS employees, he made millions.   They claimed to "eliminate" unsecured debts and charged 30% of the total debt to essentially do NOTHING.

FDRS FAILED to eliminate the debts.  They promised attorneys to defend creditor suits, but in fact had no attorney on staff and the legal filings they provided to the FDRS clients even resulted in SANCTIONS against the FDRS clients.

Even more atrocious than the FDRS fraud is that California attorney general Jerry Brown CONDONES this fraud.

I confirmed with Gayle Weller at the AG's Office that they received FDRS complaints,  but they initially determined that is was just fine to provide refunds to the people who submitted complaints and they did NOTHING to stop this fraud.

Once FDRS was out of business, the Jerry  Brown decided to IGNORE all complaints and requests for assistance.

The damages are FAR greater than the dollars paid to FDRS as the balances for the accounts increased due to fees, interest and attorneys' fees and MANY consumer were sued and now have their wages garnished or they were forced to file for bankruptcy. The resulting STRESS often caused medical problems and divorces.

Many FDRS victims posted their DAMAGES and NOBODY CARES!

FICO Credit Scoring Formula Bug -- In 2007 I documented that the myFICO (formerly Fair Isaac) FICO scoring formula CREATES entirely FICTITIOUS late payments NOT reported by Equifax.

I notified myFICO's Barry Paperno, but they didn't bother to fix their software.  Due to software problems at http://creditlegislation.org/ I cannot update or edit the posts there and I will start a new blog on this subject here ASAP.

Foreclosure Tips -- My advice.

FTC  and AG Complaints -- Published complaints on behalf of my clients:

  • California AG and governor candidate Jerry Brown refuses to prosecute KNOWN criminals
    AG  Brown IGNORED the complaints submitted by the FDRS debt elimination scam victims and my Open Letter.  California's long history of condoning FRAUD is a primary cause of the credit crisis.  California mortgage brokers engaged in illegal marketing and mislead consumers nationwide about terms and rates for ARMs.  The California regulators ignored my complaints in 2004 and 2005.  The economic crisis didn't just happen -- it was DESIGNED by federal and California officials.

Regulatory Efforts -- My submissions to the Federal Reserve and the FTC in response to their requests for public comments.  Of course my submissions were IGNORED. While credit reporting and scoring practices continually change, many of the problems I described are still relevant.

IC Systems Suit -- The blog about my lawsuit against collector IC Systems -- SETTLED!

My Press Releases -- My press releases and open letters

2010 CreditSuit -- My credit and collection litigation and related news.

Credit Repair Scams -- The Lexington Law and Bradley Ross (Stephen Snyder) "proprietary" credit dispute letters.  Most people don't need to pay anyone to make themselves look like stupid idiots.

Credit Scoring Basics -- Everybody concerned with credit scores should read this primer.

Credit Factors -- Blog for Credit Pros and my subscriber credit forum and credit, collection and consulting services.  CreditFactors hosts Liars and Cheats EXPOSED free of charge.

Must See Documentaries -- In the last couple years I learned how the bankers create money out of thin air, never pay one penny in interest and then have the nerve to sue us if we can't pay them back.  I highly recommend watching the FREE online 3.5 hour documentary The Money Masters and reading Ellen Brown's Web of Debt.

Endgame, TerrorStorm, Zeitgeist: Addendum and some of the other linked free online movies provide additional perspectives on the widespread corruption.

My Bio -- It's a long read about why I do what I do at my first website bayhouse.com.  Unfortunately I've been too busy to update the BayHouse site, but while the pages on credit, mortgages and real estates aren't pretty, the information is still accurate.