The Google advertisers are NOT endorsed by Liars and Cheats EXPOSED!

As explained in more detail below, we have NO control over which ads Google displays.

We hope to endorse products and services that we use and recommend in the future, but aside from CreditFactors, it is unlikely that they will be CREDIT related.  The credit and finance industry is notorious for scams and misrepresentations and the advertisements rarely reflect reality.

While we recommend the myFICO credit reports as well as free credit bureau and tri-merged reports DEPENDING on EACH person's situation, they all closed my affiliate accounts many years ago due to my publications and lawsuits against Fair Isaac and the credit bureaus.

And while we really don't like to place ads to outfits who DEFRAUD consumers, there are two good reasons to include GOOGLE ads.

Occasionally we EXPOSE false, deceptive and misleading advertisements at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED.

When I added the Google ads to FREE Credit Reports, Credit Scoring FRAUD and Scams EXPOSED!, I checked to make sure everything worked and an ad for "Fed Credit Debt Relief" caught my attention.

As long-time readers know, I've been publicizing the Federal Debt Relief System Fraud for over 2 years until they finally went out of business.

So I immediately spent several hours checking out the website of Fed Credit Debt Relief, submitting my "application", calling New Life Solutions and posting the results of my investigation at FED Credit Debt Relief and New Life Solution SCAM.

And already many people are finding this post as they are researching New Life Solutions or the people involved in it and their previous ventures as mentioned in the Order regarding their mortgage modification activities.

We were very happy to receive the comment from a reader who decided NOT to sign up with New Life Solutions after reading our review.

It's so EASY to avoid these scams and it's almost impossible to undo the damages after signing up with these outfits.  Please read the FDRS DAMAGE REPORTS with the heart-breaking details.

These false, misleading and deceptive ads for debt elimination, credit repair and credit reports  are EVERYWHERE -- not just on the web, but on TV and radio. Debt elimination and free credit report commercials are everywhere.   The scammers have the MONEY to advertise because their profits are HUGE.

At Liars and Cheats EXPOSED we hope to create some AWARENESS and help readers recognize scams.   There is no way we can expose EVERY scam as there are many THOUSANDS of companies engaging in frauds, scams, deception and outright lies.

We have documented that the regulators CONDONE the fraud and deception.

It's up to YOU to be SMART and do your due diligence and RESEARCH companies and products BEFORE signing up.

The advertising income helps pay for this site

From Google's Enhance your site—and your profits.

Keep your users coming back with contextually targeted ads.

You want to make more money from advertising, but you don't want to serve untargeted ads to your users. Google AdSense™ solves this problem by automatically delivering text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content—ads so well-matched, in fact, that your readers will actually find them useful.

At my personal blog and at blogs not related to credit I really DO find the Google ads useful.  But we cannot select which ads to display (or not to display) for our credit-related blogs -- Google selects the highest bidder.

Access thousands of advertisers with minimal effort.

Signing up and maintaining relationships with advertisers is a full-time job. Luckily, Google AdSense does it for you. Our advertisers range from global brands to small local companies, in categories ranging from Education to Travel, Mortgages to Patio Furniture and just about everything in between. Best of all, once you get started, the AdSense program requires virtually no maintenance.

That's true.  Once the advertisement is set up and the code is added to the blog, Google ads require no maintenance.

Rev up your site's revenue potential.

When you display Google ads on your website, you'll be maximizing your revenue potential. Google places relevant CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ads into the same auction and lets them compete against one another. The auction takes place instantaneously and when it's over AdSense will automatically display the text or image ad(s) that will generate the maximum revenue for a page -- and the maximum revenue for you.

Google determines which advertisers to display based on the highest BID for the ad.  Logically, the companies with huge profits (often scammers) can pay much more than companies that actually provide valuable services.

We hope that this explains why we are displaying Google ads and that you have gained an understanding of how advertising works.

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