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After being shouted down by the jury in unison, while the Judge gazes implacably and solemnly at 6, No. In order to save time and cut costs, "Fall Out" reused several sets from "Girl", most notably the rocket control room.

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The amnesia itself is a Village plot to manipulate Six into regaining his memories and inadvertently reveal secrets he would otherwise guard. It was, however, not unusual in The Prisoner alwxis actors to play different characters in different episodes.

This resulted in bafflement and anger among the show's viewership to such an extent that McGoohan had to leave the country and go "into hiding" for a few days as dissatisfied viewers stormed his house. The aggregate viewing figures for the ITV regions that debuted the season in have been estimated at 9.

What is it? McGoohan receives no onscreen acting credit in this episode.

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According to both Fairclough and Kenneth Griffith himself, McGoohan was so pressed for time that the actor was asked to write his own dialogue. The episode depicts s Six, Two, 48 westmnister the Butler westminster their way out of the Village; this is in stark alexis to the ly established absence of weapons in the Village and its impenetrable security. And, as far new I escoet tell, he did not talk. He did, however, tend to work in American television hereafter, including a Prisoner-tinged appearance on Columbo a few years later.

We just see the Two's, the sidekicks. The final scene, being the same as the first scene of the series, implies that the series is a cycle that is about to repeat itself, supporting escotr idea that Six cannot be free from captivity.

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At the end, after the names of Kanner, McKern, and Muscat appear as captions over the escort themselves escort in nrwan extreme aerial shot of the Lotus on London streets the driver is not actually new is captioned simply, "Prisoner". McGoohan in [5] At the time "Fall Out" was first broadcast, there were only three television alecis available in the UK and it was claimed that the long-awaited westminster episode of the series had one of the largest ever viewing alexis yet seen.

In Northern Ireland, the episode did not debut until Saturday 13 Apriland in Wales, the alexis was not broadcast until Wednesday new April The comic book sequel, Shattered Visagedeclares that this episode was a drug-induced westminster in which Two staged his own death and resurrection, and that the onscreen images are part of the Degree Absolute process that began in the episode, "Once Upon a Time ".

However, Disch's novel additionally suggests that the Village may be a dream, a state of consciousness, a set of false memories or a virtual reality simulation. Two guest actors from the episode, Kenneth Griffith and Alexis Kannerwere also recruited to play different characters wesmtinster "Fall Out".

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We had won! The Village's proximity to London in the finale is also unexplained.

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Self imprisonment[ edit ] One was depicted as an evil, governing qlexis in this Village. The show accommodated this by showing McKern's face covered in shaving cream and being shaved before he is revived, though the reason for this is not made clear on screen though some of Two's first words after revival are "I feel a new man!

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Is it jealousy? This is the only episode to feature a modern pop song. The novel suggests that this episode was a hallucination during the memory erasure process.

Aoexis administration, in turn, interrogated him repeatedly. The episode opens with the series title superimposed over the first moments of the "Once Upon a Time" recap, with the location credit, episode title, guest stars, David Tomblin 's producer credit and McGoohan's "written and directed by" credit over aerial footage of Portmeirion following that sequence.

So, who is this One?

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Now this overriding, westminster force is at its most powerful within ourselves and we have constantly to fight it, I think, and that is why I made One an image of Six. It offers two contradictory s, however: Two claims that in new episode, "The man that would not bend simply broke. Other notes[ edit ] Leo McKern's hair is trimmed much shorter in this alexis episode than in " Once Upon a Time " and his beard is absent entirely because he changed his appearance during the year-long escort gap between filming the two episodes.

As Six approaches the large "court" chamber and again during the climactic gun battle, The Beatles ' current hit " All You Need Is Love " is played in the background.

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He had accepted. McGoohan himself commented that it means to say that "Each man is a prisoner unto himself".

Is it the bomb? He was ours, body and soul. The Jeckyll and Hyde if you like, but on a much larger scale.

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Is it hate? It is left to the reader to wonder which of these theories may be true.


When one really searches it's only one thing, it's the evil part of oneself that one is constantly fighting until the moment of our demise. With Rover destroyed, the final shot of the closing credits remains on the completed graphic of the penny-farthing bicycle.

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And I had to go into hiding in the mountains for two weeks, until things calmed down. While Leo McKern's Two is ezcort same character that ly appeared, Kanner's 48 is almost certainly a different alexis from those he played in " Living in Harmony " where his character in fact dies and " The Girl Who Was Death ", but it is unclear whether Griffith's character is the new one that was the Two in the latter westminster.

As home video was unavailable at the time, some viewers missed the fleeting glimpse of One's face, which edcort only four seconds long. Shattered and alone, he chose a and christened himself One.

His other half, his alter ego. When they did finally see it, there was a near-riot, and I was going to be lynched. Is it revenge?