Criminal Minded Debt Collectors:

February 1, 2010

Mark and Sheri Slagle
American Agencies of California
P.O Box 2829
Torrance Ca. 90509-2829
201 Lorraine Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Fax (310-212-0438

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Slagle:

The Fair Debt Collection Act requires that collectors VALIDATE the collection upon dispute and that they cease and desist all collection efforts and refrain from accessing the person’s personal credit files and posting of negative information.

Base on the information viewed from on-line postings by victims of American Agencies and its collectors/agents, it appears American Agencies operates recklessly in total disregards to existing and mandated State and Federal Laws.

The collection letter mark as exhibit “A” was received on June 24, 2009 from American Agencies, demanding payment in amount of $ 2,157.16 on behalf of Dental Care Yes. Two telephone calls were subsequently made to American Agencies Collection manager Andy Coleman, and J Mendez informing them that a dispute existed between Dental Care Yes, and me, as to the actual amount owed. I was interrupted and threatened several times during the conversation, by Mr. Mendez saying “it does not matter to American Agencies, what you say, I want a check for the full amount now, or face with negative and adverse postings to your credit bureau files”.

J Mendez also warned me that, His boss Mark Slagle was well connected with people who can kick in my door and make sure I pay. A cease and desists letter ( Exhibit “B”) pursuant to (FDCPA) 806 Harassment or Abuse {15 USC 1962e.Sec. 808 was sent on June 26, 2009 via US Certified Mail, and Fax to American Agencies.

In that letter American Agencies and its employees, associates, or agents were warned that any unauthorized or unlawful inquires, or posting of negative or adverse information to my credit bureau files that could impact my good credit ratings, will be reported to the FTC and State’s office of the Attorney General. In addition I intend to litigate for damages.

A complaint was filed with the County Sheriff office of the treats made, with copies of the police report and a letter mark as exhibit “B” was sent to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the office of the California Attorney General.

On January 29, 2010 I was denied employment due to a negative entry to my Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax credit files posted by American Agencies.

On Feb 1, 2010, I made eleven long distance telephone calls (310) 212-0400) to American agencies in an attempt to reach your office. I was able to speak to a very unprofessional and rude person who identified himself as Daruis Wesley. Mr. Wesley demanded I pay him immediately, or there would be more unpleasant things to come. I ask him what he meant by Unpleasant things? He replied, “Like having some of our people pay you a personal visit at home in the middle of the night”. With such threats by an American Agencies employee, I terminated the conversation, and call the Sheriff’s office and file a complaint.

I intend to file additional complaints with Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and other State and Federal agencies with jurisdiction to investigate terrorist threats made by American Agencies, in an attempt to collect a debt.

Mr. Slagle, please keep in mind, our family are law abiding folks, and we will never be intimidated or be threaten by you and your unprofessional and criminal minded employees.

American Agencies must act and delete any and all unauthorized and unlawful postings to my credit bureau files by, February 12, 2010, by close of business, or face with litigation.