BBVA Compass Bank CLOSED my accounts WITHOUT notice!

Please read the LONG story of BBVA Compass bank closing my accounts due to my publications in the ABOUT page.

There are some amusing aspects to this documentary.

The Kingman branch manager Mark Huling refused to provide his name and threatened to sue me in small claims court for $5,000 if I publish his name.

Mr. Huling, I’ll accept the waiver of service if you fax your complaint and summons to 571-222-1000. I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing that lawsuit!

However, it’s NOT funny that they apparently filed a false police report and falsely accused me of trespassing.

Fortunately, banks have security video to prove that I cashed their checks and asked for the branch manager’s business card.  Mark Huling didn’t allow the teller to give it to me, and when I tried to take a picture of Mr. Huling they all screamed that I can’t take pictures, so I left.

I was NOT trespassing and NOBODY asked me to leave.

So before I find out why they charged a $38 NSF fee while my account never went negative, I’ll try to determine WHO falsely accused me of trespassing and who filled out the bizarre “Warning / Equipment Repair Order” at the Kingman Police Department.

WHO made the decision to close my accounts due to my publications?

Will BBVA Compass close the accounts of all customers who dare to ask questions about their policies?

What does the Federal Reserve Bank in charge of regulating banks have to say about all this?

I can’t wait to get their response to my complaint.

Of course I first have to WRITE the complaint and I’ll give the BBVA Compass legal eagles a few days to review my ABOUT page to ensure everything is accurate.

As always, I will update here with our communications.

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  1. So…has anything happened yet?

  2. Thanks for reminding me, I still have to write the complaint.

    Been so busy, but will make it a priority in May. Have to catch up on projects for clients and what readers donated money for (such as FDRS) first.

    Really want to get the screen shots up.


  3. Whoa nelly, I’m sorry to hear that has been your experience. I am not at liberty to give details but on the executive level of BBVA there has been some very interesing developments that may be of use to you. Have you ever wondered how this bank has been able to get such a foothold and where they get their business strategies, technology, and overall concepts from? Try speaking to their C level executives and you will clearly see that they are not coming up with business intelligence organically. They can barely understand the concepts of customer service much less technology. I have some great material that I can provide you, maybe you want to use it as proof when you match it to their materials. You will clearly see what I mean. Sorry for the ambiguity but …..Stay Tuned

  4. My mother is suffering for dementia and I have been handling her affairs for some time. She is now not capable of handling her own affairs. I have a valid durable of attorney and went into the local branch to consolidate two of her accounts and have my name added so I can help her. She now lives with me as she was having a difficult time in assisted living. Compass. The bank manager told me that since my durable power of attorney is 3 years old it’s not good and I would need a conservatorship to access her money and then “froze” her accounts. All blatant lies and of couse now all of her direct deposits won’t go through. The really ironic part of the whole deal is that one of Guaranty Bank’s managers put my mother in her personal car and closed my mother’s accounts that I had opened for her with the durable power of attorney on file. After she “assisted” my mother in closing her accounts she then put all of mom’s money in her bank branch. Can you say conflict of interest.

  5. do you have any information on a class action lawsuit against compass? i’ve googled my lil heart out and can’t seem to find anything except complaints….altho’, it made me feel a lil better to see that i was not the only person so afflicted. i had an entire disability check (direct deposit) that was eaten up by nsf charges and daily fees for not taking care of said nsf charges.

    any help or advice would be appreciated. thank you.

  6. The site should be up in a week. The purpose is to put all blogs and forums in a single place so we can get a class action lawsuit underway. I have contacted the attorneys who sued Wells Fargo and will keep you updated. The only way to stop this is to get everyone focused in the same place. After reading blogs everywhere i am convinced we all need to focus and get united. I have been pushed past the point with Compass and will keep at this until they pay like Wells Fargo and hope to go further if we get powerful enough and can take this to congress.

  7. I was a customer of Guaranty Bank for over a year when BBVA Compass took over, and I have been with BBVA for a year now, so I have had this account for a total of over two years now. Two weeks ago I decided that I would open a savings account because I was saving up for a large purchase and wanted to keep that money separate from my checking account. I opened the account online and the opening deposit was deducted from my checking account; I received all of the nice “welcome” emails and everything was hunkey dorey….not!!! Two days later, on payday, I go into the bank to make a transfer from my checking to my new savings and low and behold Houston we have a problem. Apparently, BBVA ran my information through EWA (a company that is gradually replacing Checksystems), and discovered that SIX years ago my name was placed in this database therefore I was a fraud risk to BBVA so they froze not only the new savings account but also my EXISTING checking account (of over two years), and they were in the process of closing both. How inconvenient for me that my payroll check (of over $4500) had just been electronically deposited that very day! This was a Friday afternoon and thank goodness I had decided to do some banking on my lunch hour or I would have been totally screwed all weekend. They completely cut off my access to MY money! I went through a huge hassel trying to withdrawal my paycheck while the teller and supervisor called several FRAUD departments, right there at the counter! I should mention that the line was long, there were only two other tellers open and the customers in line (angry and impatient at this point) could hear every word of what was going on. I was extremely embarassed and finally I asked to see the branch manager and demanded to be allowed to sit in his office where I could have some privacy and try to maintain at least a shred of dignity. Finally they agreed to allow me to withdrawal my pay but the remaining $500 or so is being held for 3 weeks so that they can earn interest on it before sending it back to me by mail. Please do not become a victim of this Nazi bank.

  8. Truly incredible.

    This type of abuse should be ILLEGAL.

    Check out the Common Good Bank:

    I’ve been following the efforts to open the Common Good Bank for years and now that they accept donations and loan / stock purchase pledges to start the bank, it’s up to us to get it started. There’s a LOT of info at the site and it’s a very different approach to banking. A bit like a credit union, but a bank.

    I became a founding member and hope that you and many other readers will vote with their money!

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