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This blog was SUPPOSED to be about the BBVA Compass bank NSF fees (non sufficient funds) and that they charged me a $38 NSF fee DESPITE the fact that a deposit also posted on the same day and my account never actually showed as negative.

Because I dared to ask questions about their policies for publication on the web, the Kingman BBVA Compass branch closed my personal and business accounts WITHOUT any notice and they didn’t even bother making a phone call or sending an email.

They KNOW that I live about 60 miles from Kingman and that it was quite likely that I had written checks that would bounce. Apparently they were determined to inflict maximum damages through refused authorizations and bounced payments.

But this story doesn’t end there. The Kingman branch manager Mark Huling THREATENED me with a lawsuit if I published his name and he refused to provide his name when I called him after I found out that they closed my accounts.

Incredibly, he even called the police when I cashed the checks they had sent to me and apparently he filed a FALSE police report, claiming that I had been trespassing at the bank.

Below is the detailed description of the events.

I tried to find out WHY I was assessed a $38 NSF fee while my account was NOT negative.

I asked the unidentified teller at the Kingman, AZ branch about their NSF policy and how it can be that I was charged $38 when the account didn’t actually show negative. She cleverly informed me that I’m supposed to wait to write checks until AFTER deposits clear.

None of the tellers at the Kingman branch had business cards or name tags. I suppose that practice eliminates most complaints.

I believe it was 11/26/09 when I decided to ask customer service manager Brenda about the NSF procedures. She didn’t make much sense to me and I told her that I needed ACCURATE information as I was going to post it at my website. Brenda, unusually unfriendly, then gave me their customer service toll-free number.

On Sunday, 12/6/09, I logged on to the Compass online banking and I was shocked to see that both accounts had a $0 balance.

I had no idea what happened. As I’m continually subjected to ID theft and harassment due to my publications, I thought that somebody cleaned out both my personal and business accounts. I was up half the night worried about my $189 monthly server payment scheduled the next day, to be paid with the money in my business account.

On 12/7/09, I called the BBVA Compass customer service and I found out that they had closed my accounts due to my publications.


Compass Bank deserves credit for motivating me to start my Fight Back!!! forum in 2003 and my own as well as many Compass customers’ complaints are posted at Compass Bank SUCKS!!!

In 2001 Compass Bank REFUSED to disclose to me why they declined my checking account application.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires disclosure of the credit bureau to the consumer if an application is denied due to information in a credit report. Consumers can then order their FREE credit report and dispute any incorrect data.

I had to order all three credit reports and then noticed the Compass Bank credit inquiry on my Trans Union credit report along with NUMEROUS errors. I had to sue Trans Union to get correction and Compass Bank then opened my accounts.

Compass Bank had the nerve to charge me a $6 “research fee” after I advised them that they had made a $500 error in MY favor.

I had deposited $200 cash in the night deposit box, but Compass Bank credited my account with $700.

Just like any stupid idiot, I told them about THEIR mistake and they CHARGED me for my honesty. I since learned that banks OFTEN make errors and never discover those errors because they don’t reconcile accounts. I know people who walked away with $40,000 that didn’t belong to them because BofA made an error and REFUSED to correct it!

My 5/6/04 Compass Bank Press Release: A $6 Fee Instead Of A Reward For Returning $500

It’s time to update my 2004 site http://compass-bank-sucks.com/, as it currently only features my statement with the $6 fee.

After I sent my news release to some of the Compass Bank executives, their attorney sent me a $60 check. Of course that didn’t even come close to covering my expenses, the cost of distributing the news release and the mailings, but he thought they were generous to give me 10 times the amount that they had charged.

My Compass Bank publications were FACTUAL.

Unlike so many enraged consumers, I tried to tone down my publications and to stick to the facts. Sure, I was SCREAMING at the Compass Bank employee who refused to credit back the $6 charged because I was stupid enough to point out THEIR $500 error and I fully understand why people refer to them by names I don’t want to post here although I totally agree — that’s what their executives and managers are.

But I also got so tired of people doing NOTHING, not naming names, not posting pictures of the PEOPLE who mistreated them, NOT submitting documentation, I closed the Fight Back!!! forum in 2005. And since then I’ve mostly left Compass Bank alone because I had bigger fish to fry.

I was so NOT focused on Compass Bank, I didn’t even check into why their logo changed and why they are now BBVA Compass.

Apparently the Kingman BBVA Compass branch in Kingman made the decision to close my accounts.

While I was glad to hear that I hadn’t been robbed, I sure wanted to know who made that decision to close my accounts and of course I needed to know where my money was. According to the national customer service rep, the Kingman branch was responsible for closing my accounts.

My telephone call with BBVA Compass Kingman branch manager Mark Huling.

I had spoken to Mark Huling once before about a 5 business day hold on a check from an out of state business for $3,000. I NEVER had a deposit returned and I had banked with Compass since 2001. I didn’t like that guy since the first time I met him – he was so unpleasant!

Despite my problems with Compass Bank, the young lady who had been in charge before Huling was always very helpful, friendly and courteous. I wonder what happened to her. It was after their move from a supermarket to their own location that she disappeared and Huling took over.

So I wasn’t surprised by his attitude during my 12/7/09 call, but I WAS surprised when he threatened to SUE me if I published his name!

Branch manager Huling REFUSED to identify himself and he THREATENED me!

Of course it didn’t take long until I got his full name and I sure hope that his family, friends and neighbors find out how he “earns” a living.

Everybody is talking about thugs like Bernanke, Paulson and Geithner at the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury, but the corruption starts with these low level managers like Mark Huling who’ll do anything for a buck and enjoy it.

I’m still waiting for your lawsuit, Mr. Huling!

There’s no need to incur the expense of having me served. Mr. Huling, please fax your complaint and summons to 571-222-1000 and I’ll gladly waive service.

It’s hard to believe that any bank would employ a MANAGER who thinks he can sue former customers for $5,000 in small claims court because they published his name.

12/09 letter from Selene Nelson, VP/District Service & Operations Manager, Northwest Arizona District.

I’m going to spare you the details about the stress I had with my server payment. I made a special trip to Kingman (about 60 miles) and I was thrilled to see two letters from BBVA Compass bank in my mail box. One contained the checks for my balances, the other was from BBVA’s Selene Nelson, VP/District Service & Operations Manager, Northwest Arizona District.

Apparently Brenda at the branch found my OLD Compass Bank publications and then contacted Ms. Nelson.

Ms. Nelson wrote in her undated letter mailed on 12/1/09 with the account agreements:

At this time, BBVA Compass has determined that it is in the best interest of all parties that the banking relationship between you and BBVA Compass be terminated. Therefore, in accordance with the terms of the deposit agreement(s), which governs your account(s) with BBVA Compass, the bank has elected to close your account(s) today.

Of course Ms. Nelson LIED:

It was certainly NOT in my interest to have my accounts closed and “the bank” did NOT elect to close my accounts. “The bank” is not capable of electing anything — it’s the PEOPLE who RUN the banks who make these atrocious decisions — people like Selene Nelson and Mark Huling.

Ms. Nelson also included the account agreements for my business and personal accounts and she even put little tags on the pages with these TERMS:

Closing Your Account. Either we or you can close your account at any time, for any reason or for no reason, without the necessity of prior written notice. …

Isn’t THAT nice! And of course WE can close our accounts too, but we will NOT receive our money until it’s convenient for the bank. You actually have to give several days NOTICE if you want to withdraw more than a few thousand dollars in cash.

My 12/8/09 trip to BBVA Compass to cash the checks

I cashed the checks at the BBVA Compass Kingman branch and I noticed manager Mark Huling talking on the phone in his glass cubicle office. I asked the teller for his business card and I watched her going in to Huling’s office to get a card. She walked out of his office with the card in her hands, but Huling noticed me and he called her back in. She came back out without his card.

The unidentified teller had the nerve to claim that he was out of business cards.

I told her that I SAW her come out of his office with his card and I HEARD him calling her back in. She claimed that she had taken Brenda’s card and that manager Huling’s cards were at the printer. Of course she didn’t explain why she did NOT offer to give me Brenda’s card.

The unidentified teller then ORDERED me to sit down in the “lobby” (a couple chairs next to the door) as the manager wanted to see me. She talked to me like I was 9 years old and the principle wanted to see me.

Of course I had a busy day and as Mr. Huling continued with his phone call, I decided to take a picture of him to post on the web so that readers could identify him and get me his last name.

The BBVA Compass employees all started screaming that I was taking pictures and that I was not allowed to take pictures.

Notably, there is NO sign prohibiting the taking of pictures.

Of course one shouldn’t have to take pictures of bank managers so they can be identified because they refuse to provide a business card or their name .

I immediately left the bank to take some pictures of their logo and ATM outside.

Nobody told me that I should leave.

BBVA manager Mark Huling

BBVA manager Mark Huling

It didn’t take long until manager Mark Huling came out, taking pictures of me and my truck. He called the cops and wanted me to stay. USUALLY I welcome police presence during disputes with vile bankers as they make excellent witnesses, but I didn’t have a dispute and I did have things to do and I left.

When I got home, I had a message from a Kingman cop. I returned his call and officer Hopper was rude and talking about trespassing at Compass Bank. I explained to him that I was NOT trespassing. I’ve met some nice cops in Kingman, but that guy was not one of them.

I asked how I could get a copy of the police report and he stated that I could NOT receive the report.

To my surprise, I recently received the “CITATION” for trespassing and you better believe that I’ll try to find out who made this entirely FALSE report!

Compass Bank closed my accounts due to my publications WITHOUT notice AND apparently filed a FALSE police report.

So what about that NSF fee?

It seems rather NOT important in this context, but I took screen shots of the online BBVA Compass transactions and NSF fee and I will address them in another post.

Right now my priority is to have my name cleared and to expose Mark Huling and the rest of the thugs at BBVA Compass for what they are:

A bunch of greedy, lying cowards – bankers of the WORST kind!

To ensure the accuracy of my publications, I will notify the BBVA Compass legal department and the Kingman branch.

I received NO response to my previous fax to the BBVA legal department after I posted about this incident at CreditSuit:

Compass Bank closed my accounts due to my publications WITHOUT notice

I will update this site as events unfold.

23 Responses to “About BBVA Compass Bank”

  1. I have just had my accounts (personal & business) closed WITHOUT a call, without explanation this week.

    The only thing that happened is that I dared question a $15 fee on my checking account which should not have been assessed, and the condenscending branch manager at 67th & 101 in Glendale, AZ decided she didnt like me. End of story. No calls from corporate, nothing. How are they in business?

  2. Don’t worry. Compass is currenty under what the government regulators call an MOU (memorandum of understanding) for misrepresenting financial information and not holding enough money aside for bad loans. You are much better off without them in your life. And to be honest, because the company is 100% owned by BBVA in Spain, they don’t care about US regulations or US customers. They are just here to make a fast buck and to give their Spanish employees an opportunity to work tax free in the US and to brush up on their English.

  3. That’s interesting, didn’t know it is Spanish owned. But I can’t say that it was any different before they were bought up, nor are the other large American owned banks any better.

    I really hope that many dissatisfied customers join the Common Good Bank as founding members and that it will be up and running soon:

    It’s up to us to get the bank we deserve!

  4. I’m so glad I stumbled across your website! Compass has been HORRIBLE to deal with ever since the BBVA was affixed to the name. I remember back 8 years ago the branch in Chandler, AZ at Casa Paloma on 56th Street and I-10 was so easy to deal with should the odd problem arise. In my case, the branch employees are still very pleasant, but completely stunted at the branch level from handling anything beyond opening accounts, taking deposits, etc.

    I’ve had several recent problems with them. The problem I had today brought me to your site. I have been making in-branch credit card payments for upwards of 2 years with no problems. However, it seems Compass has decided that in-branch payments aren’t really convenient for them on business credit cards. When you make a payment in-branch, it can take “five business days after the date of receipt” for the payment to be credited to the account. Meaning, even if you pay the payment prior to the due date (but within the 5 business days prior), they call it a late payment and assess a late payment fee.

    The branch had no idea, so obviously they aren’t advising customers not to make a payment at Compass Bank on a Compass Bank credit card. And they also can’t resolve the late fee at the branch level. That’s just one issue I’ve had recently.

  5. I would definitely DEMAND a refund of late fees. And I make all my payments online. Back in the 90s I once made my mortgage payment at the branch, they took the over $2,000 payment out of my checking, did NOT credit it to my account and I almost lost my house in foreclosure — despite having made every single payment on time.

    And that happens quite often. Either bank employees STEAL the cash or the bank moves it into the directors’ bonus account.

  6. This company sucks so bad. They will rip you off any chance they get. It’s pitiful. I don’t know how they stay in business.

    Here’s a link to my experiences with these idiots:


  7. I enjoyed both your posts about Compass, very well written, and linked them in a new post:


  8. I have had it with Compass, today was the last straw!! I had made a deposit the day before in cash, I recieved my receipt and had posted in to my account via online, so I presumed everything was good. I WAS WRONG! The next day I decide to log in, and come to find that my money had been withdrawn and the deposit that had been made, wasnt even showing. How is that, I call the 1800 number and they did not help at all, I had to go to the branch and two people could not figure out what happened, and why my deposit had not posted according to the receipt the deposit was made before cut off time… I am stil waiting for a response.

  9. These shared experiences sound pretty bad – But folks I gotta tell you;
    compass ain’t got nothin’ on the gnarled, nightmarish mess of incompetency and confusion at CHASE Bank! I remember finalizing a mortgage there once…my mortgage was originally with another institution and Chase bought a bundle including mine. I’ll never darken Chase’s doors again.
    Truth be told, these horror stories are indicative of a larger, systemic illness in the corporate banking industry. There’s too few owners & real bosses on the job and actually managing these branches; just a bunch of hungry little peons. There’s far too little competition between the top 4 or 5 American banks. And worst of all – there is a greedy, sick, symbiotic relationship between these poorly run bank giants and the U.S Gov’t. -So that no matter what they do, the U.S. taxpayer will (by force) bail them out of all their troubles.

  10. I totally agree with you. The problems are systemic and the government is bought and paid for by the major banks.

    But there’s a bigger issue, the fact that it’s all about CONTROLLING the people. In part it’s the redistribution of assets from the working people to the mega corporations and their major shareholders, but there’s also the total surveillance of the people, the tracking of every dollar and some businesses even refusing to accept cash anymore.

    Scary, very scary.

  11. I just received a letter from Compass Bank stating that my business account will be closed 30 days from the date of the letter. No explanation on why the decision was made. I opened the account in 2003 and I have never wrote a bad check nor my account went negative. I called the 1877-297-8803 from the letter, I was told by the representative that a lot of letters went out notifying customers that they are closing their accounts but no one knows the reasons behind the decision. I have a lot of auto pays set up and now I have to start all over and my business has to be placed on hold until everything is re-organized. Way to go Compass.

  12. Wow, that is weird.

    And yes, it IS a hassle to change banks, especially for a business.

    I just finally decided to go with Mission Bank, our local bank with only 3 branches. So far so good.

  13. You can sign a petition to have BBVA investigated by the Justice Department by going to codeforeblog.com or to change.org or directly to http://www.change.org/petitions/united-states-justice-department-investigate-who-authorized-bbva-to-do-business-in-the-united-states#

  14. I’m not sure why I’d want BBVA investigated for money laundering. ALL major banks are run by criminals. Why would I care if they are money laundering?

    Isn’t it more important to ensure that AMERICAN banks treat their customers fairly?

    Compass Bank was an AMERICAN bank before they were purchased by BBVA. It sucked.

  15. I have filed a complaint in Arizona with the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, Office of Senator John McCain, Office of the Arizona Attorney General and the OCC. All of the complaints were forwarded to the State Banking Department in Alabama where BBVA headquarter is located. My corporation is licensed and bonded and I pay my taxes and my account was opened in 2004 with no NSF history and I always have a decent balance in my account.

  16. Here’s the problem with your complaint. Any bank can do business or NOT do business with whoever they choose. They don’t have to provide a reason for closing accounts.

    Personally, I feel that’s wrong. But that’s how it is.

  17. UPDATE: Mark Huling is no longre an employee of BBVA Compass, Selene Nelson has been promoted to a District Manager, The Spanish Banks are failing and BBVA Compass still sucks as a bank, as an employer and in customer service. Go to an American owned Bank or Credit Union. This company treats customers and employees with equal disdain.

  18. Thanks for the update. I have to say that Mission Bank with its 3 branches in Kingman and Bullhead has been good to us.

  19. There parent company BBVA is looking for a bail out and Compass (the US branch of the this global franchise) is looking for nothing but revenue. Specifically by selling annuities to its clients. They do not care how old you are everyone gets an annuity!

  20. You’ll not likely ve shocked to know they just laid off most of their assistant managers. I have stayed with them because of the good service this group of people at my three local Dallas branches. The branch managers are always out at meetings and when they are there every one of them is a pompous self righteous used car salesman type. Now that they hace laid off their core managers I have no reason to stay. I closed my four accounts and went to a lical credit union.

  21. Good for you!

    I bank with a local bank now, Mission Bank. Only 3 branches, but the service is GREAT!

  22. I am trying to pay Compass off on a large loan and they are cheating me out of 2 point PPP about 20 grand, when 1 point is all the contract allows at this date. Another 1000.00 for closing cost and a 412 dollar late payment fee, they put my deposit in the wrong account in July 2014 and I pay. I am paying them off not borrowing why closing cost???? I also have 2 large investments through their financial management, for 2 years that I can’t even get a statement on. they use an investment house is why. I was not told prior to taking my money. I have never received a single statement on either instrument. Where do I go to file formal complaint. A lawyer cost so much they know you won’t use one, they win again.
    These are very bad people that run and make the rules. BBVA COMPASS is the least loyal bank I’ve ever used. I feel violated.

  23. Wow, that is REALLY strange!

    I think the appropriate agency to complain with is the OCC:


    I’m aware of prepayment penalties, but the charges you describe are unheard of. And no statements for your investments? That’s crazy!

    Please do post an update or any questions!

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