Elizabeth Warren: “There Is Nobody In This Country Who Got Rich On His Own”

So true. The wealthy either inherited or they made their money using public infrastructure and services and of course utilizing workers educated with public funds.

I hadn't planned on ever making another political contribution, but I recently donated $10 to Elizabeth Warren's campaign for Senate. She is one of the rare exceptions, a politician with brains and spine. I just hope they won't be able to blackmail her or otherwise make her part of the "system".

A couple of years ago Elizabeth Warren was interviewed in an NBC Dateline documentary about debt collection abuses and she really knows what it's all about. Unfortunately, NBC took the video down.

If I only had the time and money to put together a comprehensive summary of credit reporting and FICO scoring "bugs" that cause so many MILLIONS of people who PAY their bills ON TIME to have lower FICO scores than they deserve. Elizabeth Warren is one person who would comprehend the enormous damages to the people, although I don't know what she could do about it.

How do you MAKE Fair Isaac fix their credit scoring formula?

How do you MAKE Sallie Mae and the credit bureaus report the correct "most owed" for student loans in deferment?

I sure don't have it in me to file more lawsuits and it simply takes too many years to get anything accomplished in the courts. We need LEGISLATION and ENFORCEMENT and the corrupt thugs at the FTC and at the Federal Reserve who are now in charge of consumer protection need to be relieved of their duties.

I still think the best way to make a difference is to vote with your money and to STOP paying credit cards and student loans if you are judgment-proof.

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