Thousands demonstrate at Bank of America – 700 arrested

700 Arrested in NYC, Dozens Arrested Among Thousands Protesting Bank Of America in Boston at Citibank

By Rob Kall (about the author)

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The people protesting in NYC in the Occupy Wall Street action are succeeding. They are inspiring actions elsewhere.
Protests are happening or being scheduled to happen in the next few days all over America.
700 Protesters walked from where they'd been protesting to the Brooklyn Bridge. Police walked along with them, about a third of the way onto the bridge, then starting using orange mesh nets to "kettle" the protesters and arrest them. People walking on wooden walkways about 15 feet above the roadway were left alone.
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The International Business Times reports that a court in London found that kettling used against G20 protesters in 2009 was illegal.
Police on Brooklyn bridge preparing
 nets used for Kettling protesters
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Also, yesterday, thousands protested at the Bank of America, where several dozen were arrested.
protesters in Boston
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Protesters occupied McPherson Square in Washington DC Saturday, October 1, calling for repeal of Citizens United and Corporate Personhood, the Huffingtonpost reports.
This should be a very interesting week.
Post information about your local protest plans in the comments.

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