How FICO scoring discriminates against the disadvantaged

Currently the myFICO website features a map of the United States and you can check for the average score in any state by clicking on the map:

The US average FICO score is 692.

As you move the cursor over the northern states (at the myFICO website, it doesn't work here), you'll see that they all have average scores around 700:

Washington 705
Idaho 696
Montana 706
North Dakota 720
Minnesota 718
Wisconsin 714
Michigan 687
Ohio 693
Pennsylvania 705
New York 701
Vermont 716
New Hampshire 710
Maine 704

The southern states:

California 691
Arizona 680
New Mexico 675
Texas 668
Louisiana 663
Mississippi 653
Alabama 666
Florida 673

It is amazing to see how the scores get lower the further south you go.

Why do we see this HUGE disparity, costing the low scorers in the south many millions of dollars in higher interest rates and lost opportunities?

It's NOT because all the deadbeats live in the south. 

I've written extensively how UNFAIR FICO scoring is since 1995.    Over 100,000 readers checked out my submissions to the FTC and FRB in response to their requests for comments on various credit reporting and scoring issues, but of course the bank owned regulators ignored me.

I have documented numerous times that if you have MONEY, you can have high scores.

I'm not talking about bribing credit bureau employees (yes, that DOES go on), but it is very easy to manipulate scores through various perfectly legal actions.  If you have money, you can have low REPORTED balances on your credit cards.  Don't have credit cards and don't qualify for a new account?  Open a REPORTED secured account.

Collectors are hounding you?

Purchase (more money required) a phone that records or a telephone recorder and RECORD the collectors' violations. Settle the violations for deletion and if you can't do it yourself, retain an attorney (usually a lot more money is required as few attorneys take small cases on contingency).

FICO scores give you NO points for paying COLLECTIONS.

Your FICO score may actually go DOWN after having an old paid charge-off deleted.

MyFICO scoring software creates entirely fictitious late payments on Equifax reports:

2/26/07: Open Letter to Fair Isaac Regarding its Addition of FICTITIOUS Derogatory Data to Credit Reports

Over 5 years later, myFICO has failed to correct this software "bug".  Several of my clients currently have seriously lower scores due to these fictitious lates.  I'm planning on a new blog with more documentation and to submit it to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

For more free information about FICO scores please read FICO Scoring Basics.

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