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Moved site, please resend unanswered email

We moved to a new web host and may have lost some email during the move on 8/20/11.  Please resend if you didn’t get a response. Sorry for the down time due to the move and the frequent outages at our previous host Site5! We’ll focus on content now and I’m working on a new…

Scheduled server maintenance 8/8/10 from 10 pm to midnight PST

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and the frequent downtime in recent months, but our web host Site5 is not capable of keeping the server running and we hope to move to a more reliable host soon. UPDATE:  I apologize for Site5 taking the server down 45 minutes EARLY.    

Bankruptcy attorney Andy Miofsky posts completely FALSE after bankruptcy mortgage credit reporting info

It never ceases to amaze me how incompetent so many consumer attorneys are. And it really irks me when they misrepresent themselves as credit experts and publish INCORRECT information about credit reporting and FICO scores. Many moons ago I would sometimes politely inform attorneys that they published incorrect info, but none ever got back to…

Elizabeth Warren will NOT be nominated to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Last September I wrote:  Elizabeth Warren reports to Geithner — how long will she last? Of course she was way too SINCERE and I suspect that she can’t be bought or blackmailed.  Obviously she was NOT suitable for the job. Richard Cordray, former Ohio AG, is to supposed to be nominated to head the Consumer…

Finally getting a NEW theme – WPMU DEV not functional

I’m going to try Headway Themes as we really need to have a functional front page. WPMU DEV turned out to be a HUGE disappointment and GIANT waste of money.  As they are currently looking for mystery shoppers, I tried to post at their site:

Elizabeth Warren reports to Geithner — how long will she last?

The promised appointment of Elizabeth Warren as head of the new Consumer Finance Protection Agency has been diminished to that of special assistant to the president and adviser to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Michael Collins with the Daily Censored describes in the article attached below how Warren questioned Geithner at a hearing about the AIG…

California AG and governor candidate Jerry Brown refuses to prosecute KNOWN criminals

Jerry Brown, Cal. AG -- Mark Cella, FDRS owner

Since Jan. 2008 I documented the Federal Debt Relief System (FDRS) debt “elimination” FRAUD. FDRS owner Mark Cella and his sales people promised “debt elimination”, charged consumers thousands of dollars and delivered NOTHING. Many victims have been sued by creditors like Citi Bank who KNEW about the fraud, but choose to pursue the defrauded consumers….

3/16/10 update: new blogs

NEW BLOG: I’ve been trying to help a client who got scammed by the fraudulent Federal Debt Relief System (FDRS). Cohen & Slamowitz sued him for a Citibank account and I contacted them, informed them of the fraud and requested Citibank’s assistance with legal action against FDRS, owner Mark Cella and other key personnel. I…

Why we display Google ads at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED!

We’d rather have an ad-free site, but then there is REALITY and the fact that false, deceptive and misleading debt and credit related ads are EVERYWHERE. Please read the new page ADS with lots more info about Google ads and why we display them here.