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I miss the way I felt when we were together on a balcony overwaiting the most awesome view in the world. I need a fuck and suck buddy that can host early in the mornings before work. Lets message then who knows.

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Lily Linneker: Any relation?

Athletic Male Seeking 420 And Cuddling Tonight

Eddie: Half past eight and aaalllsss crap! Richie: Eddie, enough of the crackers jokes.

Leafs postgame: leafs clinch bottom two finish – theleafsnation

Eddie: Then why are we having them then!? Richie: Alright, I've got one here.

Eddie: No, I'm Death! Oh, I see — you want someone homely, with cooking skills, fun to be with… and a tonjght pair of jugs? Spudgun: But we are not worthy, oh holy one. Eddie: Pointing handgun at Richie I'd like to see you try! Hedgehog: Give me a hedgehog and I'll show you why. Oh, argh-rrgh!

Ozarks Tonight: Springfield tourism “hit the bottom” in April. Ozarks Tonight Springfield healthcare system looking to train nursing assistants. Will be out and about on the westside of town dressed as my regular self but will have some sexy panties and maybe a skirt view this ad now! I am 27, white, fit, good looking and % bottom, passive and submissive faggy tonight if you can host or have a car, looking for oral Woodford/Loughton area.

Eddie: Well, I've had half a bottle of scotch, whaddya expect? Bloody hell, I bought five yesterday! Besides, you'll never make quid that fast Richie: Harold?

Why is the crescent moon sometimes lit on the bottom?

Richie: I really think this is the one, Eddie. Richie: What do you mean, "what he said"?

Richie: Well the English one of course! Lying on your back with a bottle in your mouth?

Not a lot of people know that. Hedgehog: Well, they probably had their tea, didn't they? I hate sprouts.

‘looking’ recap, season two episode three: “looking top to bottom”

Eddie: Blind one. Spudgun: Spudgun. You know what he used to say? Kooking won] Eddie: Who won? Richie: Spudgun? Oh, he could bash out a tune or two.

Eddie: What? Eddie: Not sprouts! I'm Death!

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Go away and crawl away and die in a ditch somewhere, you bastard! Well not even a good one, any old one would have done; slap a wig on a 'Speak your Weight' machine, he'd have been happy. Eddie: No, before telly was invented. bottm

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You will then see the options to Modify or Cancel any of your upcoming reservations on the following. Harold the Ironmonger, remember? Eddie: Beat It's not much of a game, is it? Richie: It's not mayonnaise, it's sun tan lotion. Well, blind deaf masochist really.

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URL Name. Episode 5 - 's Up[ edit ] Richie: Come on, it's Sunday, it's a day of rest! Richie: Angrier "Sellotape a Sausage to the Fridge"! Absolutely nothing to do for twenty-four hours.

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Richie: Yes, it does! Eddie: It bloody doesn't, it's a "C"!

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It's in the dictionary! With the twigs and the bit of leaf, you know, camouflage!

What about the week after? farke’s amusing response to city job fears

Eddie: I don't know. Lily Linneker: pointing to the television Can you see alright? Put it in a Cornish Stew.

You know, knights taking prawns? And now he's gone and done himself in!