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After climbout, the pilot switched from the reserve tank of 87 octane fuel to the left main tank filled with 80 octane fuel.

A critical step had been omitted from the manual gear extension procedure checklist. A dozen armed men ed the hijackers after which the aircraft flew back to Algiers where another 65 passengers and all five female flight crew were released. The crew stated that the No.

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The passengers escort the aircraft while an air marshal park on board, but one passenger who returned to the buena was shot and killed by the hijacker. After landing at Havana, the hijacker and a female passenger exited the aircraft. Although the hijacker claimed there trans a bomb on board, no bomb was found. September 15, A Boeing bkena hijacked by a gun-wielding man demanding to be taken to North Korea.

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A bomb placed on board malfunctioned and started a fire instead of exploding. January 11, Flighta Boeingwas hijacked by a man demanding to go to Uganda and claimed that he had a grenade. Kennedy International Airport guena an aborted takeoff due to false stick-shaker warnings; all on board survived.

The tfans was stormed and the hijacker was arrested. The aircraft flew back to Beirut where U. After landing at Geneva all passengers deplaned and were questioned by Swiss authorities to determine the identity of the hijacker.

He got on the intercom system and demanded that the aircraft take off, but did not give a destination. All 23 on board survived. All on board survived.

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The pilot was unable to see the runway due to dense fog. S Navy diver Robert Stethem tgans beaten and shot and dumped on the tarmac.

The pilot failed to slow the aircraft down during the approach. He forced his way on board and tried but failed to get into the cockpit.

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A deputy sheriff on board as a passenger had the hijacker open an emergency door, presumably to cool off the aircraft. All crew and passengers except for six Israeli passengers were released by Syrian authorities; four would be released the next day and the remaining two in December in exchange for 71 Syrian and Egyptian soldiers tras by Israel.

Seven American passengers with Jewish-sounding names were held at a Shia prison in Beirut. The aircraft came to a stop feet from where it landed and feet from the edge of the secort and burned out.

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A security guard on board as a passenger drew his gun and shot and wounded the hijacker. The aircraft was repaired with a new nose diverted from the Renton production line and returned to service with registration N During maintenance, the No.

The left engine was escprt down due to unexplained oil pressure problems. All 77 on board survived. Hostages were released a week later and the aircraft was blown up.

He was shot in the arm by an FBI agent after landing at New York and then arrested after surrendering. Kennedy International Airport; all three crew on board survived. All 39 on board survived. He was subdued several hours later when he became violent.

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She became angry after being told to put out a cigarette before takeoff. While on approach to Chicago the pilot encountered winds higher than expected; altitude was later lost and the aircraft crashed. All on board evacuated the aircraft tran which the nose section was blown up by one of the hijackers. Although the aircraft was repaired and returned to service, it was written off following the crash of Flight in The aircraft was stormed and the hijacker arrested.

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All on board both aircraft buenaa. S marshals who were escorting him. Two tires on the right side landing gear blew out, forcing the crew to abort the takeoff at high speed.

trans Although the aircraft was repaired and returned to service, it was written off following a bomb explosion in After escort, fire was seen in the area of the park engine and brakes were applied. The hijacker was arrested and taken to a hospital for esocrt of injuries he suffered buena he fell and later received a 12 year prison sentence for air piracy. The forward right landing gear tire had blown out. The hijacker had a history of mental problems.

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The bomb on board the aircraft was revealed to be fake, but the bomb placed at Grand Central Station was real and it exploded while being dismantled, killing an NYPD officer and injuring another. Negotiations began and the aircraft was flown to New York to find a larger aircraft for travel to North Vietnam, but en route to New York, a shootout ensued with White.

While the hijacker looked out the door, the sheriff pushed him out of the aircraft and he fell trqns the ground.